Activision Sees $313 Million Q4, $1.51 Billion Fiscal Year Sales

Gamasutra reports that Activision have preliminarily announced record sales of $313 million for its fourth quarter and $1.51 billion for its fiscal year, on the strength of its Call of Duty, Marvel, Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises.

The $1.51 billion is up from the $1.47 billion Activision saw for its prior fiscal year ended March 31, 2006, and mark what Activision says is 15 consecutive years of revenue growth for the publisher, driven by "better-than-expected consumer response to the company's titles and the strength of the software market overall."

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kewlkat0074185d ago

Multi-platforming was a bad thing. With these good numbers I think it open other Dev eyes to the amount of money thats is there for them if they make games for most of the consoles. In the end I wonder if it will be these big Multi-Platforming game companies standing. just like EA makes big profits, Ubisoft and some other big names.

There is a little piece of the pie for everybody.

COD - is a nice series.
Guitar Hero - has struck a cord with casual gamers.
Marvel type games - are goin back to their roots.

Now how long till we see some new offerings? instead of sequals guys....

kornbeaner4185d ago

If this is true why were there massive lay-offs in their L.A. offices?

Can there be somthing bigger and better on the way, or it that how most of the profit was made?