Cory Barlog Talks God Of War II had the privilege of speaking to Cory Barlog, Director for God of War II, and they discussed everything from the present success of the title to the future adventures of Kratos.

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Vojkan4184d ago

So he is going to make Pinata for PS3 lol Well for lazy ones he said and i quote"All of this darkness and violence, it's not good for the soul. The next thing we'll make is not really violent. It's going to involve ponies in a colorful world."

QuackPot4183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

Just like Little Big Planet, GoW3 will be huge.

My minds working over-time now imagining how the developers are going to move to the next level and produce a truly next gen game with Gow3. One improvement would be to change 3rd person perspective to be similar to Gears. This will get the gamer more involved with play. Again, the mind's working overtime here.

Only 7 months in and the future's looking very good indeed for ps3.