PSLS Review - Crystal Defenders

Crystal Defenders is a simple game that has been ported from the iPhone to the PlayStation 3. The game merges tower defense style gameplay with elements from the Final Fantasy Tactics series. The game has no story, and instead has 12 maps that are split between 3 different worlds.

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DJ4062d ago

And yeah, i have to agree with what JLeack says. It's pretty lame.

tommy-cronin4062d ago

I actually really enjoyed playing this game for some strange reason.

callahan094062d ago

I agree. Me and my girlfriend really enjoy playing it together. She holds the controller and we make the decisions on what to buy/upgrade, and where to place our units together, and we have a great time.

Lifewish4062d ago

the demo was just OK, thats it

Sangria4062d ago

10$ is way too much for an iPhone game, especially when you can have PixelJunk Monsters and its addon Encore for 8$ (5$ for PJ Monsters and 3$ for Encore).

Esena4062d ago

Agree. Although the demo was pretty fun, the price is absolutely ridiculous. It should be at max, $5. That is not to stop anyone from pay $10, but consider PJM and Encore before considering this.