Microsoft Tipping Sony's Hand?

The Don of writes:

"News coming out of Microsoft as of late has proven that the 360 Pro SKU will be discontinued and the Elite will be taking over the Pro price of $299. This was a tragic move by Microsoft as the Arcade should be the one to bite the dust and then have the Pro drop to $299 considering most people who have the Arcade suffer from buyers remorse."

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tdogchristy903888d ago

"Retail locations such as Best Buy have the proof already set up in their systems as the 160GB model’s expiration date is December 1st 2013, while the 80GB model apparently expires September 27th 2009."

Very interesting. I wonder what this means for the next set of systems? Like I've said before, I'll say again, I hope it is a long ways off, I feel I haven't even made a dent in this generation.

7ero H3LL3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )


You Already Know3888d ago

it's insane to think how the 360 came 4 years after the XBOX and the 360 has already been out for 4 years with no new console in sight...

just the addition of Natal...and the PS3 has been around for 3 years and is only just getting started it seems..

AAACE53888d ago

People still seem to be confused!

The Arcade 360 should not be discontinued. The main purpose the arcade 360 serves is to attract the same people who buy the Wii and for those who had a 360 die on them so they can just attach their HDD to it without buying one of the more expensive ones. Most importantly, you guys gotta realize... not everyone who plays games are gaming nerds (like us) who want to play online and all the extra stuff. Alot of people buy these consoles just to have around and play Madden or something when friends come over.

So believe me the arcade does serve a purpose, I have friends with 360's and Ps3's who don't care about going online or how much HDD space they have because they will never use it no matter how much I try to get them to. It's just a game console to them. To them it is like an NES.

So to clear things up, the Arcade and it's price are meant to battle the Wii. The Elite is meant to battle the Ps3. And the Pro was just there as an in between type of thing, so it is not needed anymore because of the price drop of the elite.

You Already Know3887d ago

the thing is, Microsoft should be marketing these features...the strongest feature of the 360 is XBL and the things you can add to your HD that have nothing to do with gaming..

if they dropped the Pro to $199, that would be a bigger deal than dropping the Arcade to $179 or $149

Sibs3887d ago

No, the Elite was the "upper tier" item that stores often utilize. If there are two similar items in a store and one is a lower price, the consumer usually buys the lowest priced one. However, when three items at three separate prices are there the consumer typically buys the middle one to avoid going "low end". The same worked with Microsoft and the 360.

Willio3887d ago

That was a bad example why the ARCADE version shouldnt be discontinued. People really shouldnt have to buy a 2nd xbox as a backup.

You Already Know3887d ago

honestly, a lot of people own the Arcade because it's cost effective and they often say "I don't need all that HDD crap"...

that's bad for business...

why should they say that when they could be saying "look at all these features my 360 offers and I don't even use them....maybe I should?"

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soxfan20053888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

"most people who have the Arcade suffer from buyers remorse."

Most??? I'd like to know where his numbers come from. I've never seen such a survey. Without numbers to back up such a ridiculuos claim, this article has ZERO credibility.

LordMarius3888d ago

have you been living under a rock

Monsignor3888d ago

Is this the first time you've been to this site (or any gaming site)? I don't know a single person who was content with purchasing their arcade. They were ill-informed when they bought it and are now kicking themselves for making the purchase. So, I'm pretty confident the use of the word "most" is very much justified.

Maybe you are just upset that you purchased one, and as a normal human being, you are attempting to justify your purchase. You know damn well you made a mistake.

ShabzS3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

the smartest thing ms did was make everything detachable .... detachable hard drive, detachable wifi, memory cards, wired controllers ... this allowed them to have the price lowered and give the regular guys the easiest and cheapest option to jump in to the next gen ...

this is something sony didnt forsee... props to ms for creating that option to begin with... but then when you see these valuable accessories being priced at what they are right now ... you'll notice that this was an extremely smart buisness move from them as well...

SuperM3888d ago

Smart buisness move. But ripping of the consumer

ShabzS3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

and i agree i'm not arguing with that ... but arcades are great for those 12 yr old kids that play on sdtv's offline... that option is great... hardcore gamers should just go for pro's or the elites

Mindboggle3888d ago

Without a doubt this wont help Microsoft at all and will be a big boost to Sony. Gamers who want a next gen system will NOT buy a 360 Arcade, because they want a hardrive.

So now they can only buy an 360 Elite or a PS3, and if the slim comes out with a $299 price point, guess what, theyll be the same price. This is when the Playstation brand comes in strong and more people will pick up a PS3. I guarentee it.

I believe MS dropping the Pro will be the worse mistake they will ever make. As buyers before could get a 360 pro with a Hardrive for much cheaper than the PS3, now they can only get a elite with a hardrive and then alot of people will say, I might aswell get a PS3 as it has blu ray, and its the same price.

Alcon Caper3888d ago

i dunno...i actually bought a new arcade for $125 at then bought a used hdd a few months later... i don't regret anything...

couple of friends of mine did the biggie...where's the drama, exactly?

ShabzS3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

actually the new elites will replace the pro for the same price of 299 $ ... that means that instead of the previous 60 GB pro for the same price now you get an upgrade of 120 gb elite with hdmi cables head sets and everything ....

if anything the 120 gb 360's will be competeing with the 80 gb ps3's

Monchichi0253888d ago

I bought the Core and was totally fine with it. I just upgraded with a hard drive later in the year when I had money for it. I was totally happy with doing that as I was given a "CHOICE."

Syko3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Why does everyone make it out like anyone who bought an arcade would be too stupid to go on EBay and get one for 20-30 dollars? I got my 120 Gig HDD for $60 on EBay.

Essentially it is $219 for a Arcade+20Gig HDD. (Old Pro Console)
And around $260 for an Arcade+120Gig HDD (Elite Console)

20 Gig HDD Starting at $20:

120 Gig HDD Starting around $60:

DelbertGrady3888d ago

Everyone regrets buying the 360 Arcade and no one has EVER regretted buying a PS3.

It's not my subjective opinion, it's the TRUTH (even though it's solely based on subjective opinion and I have no proof whatsoever).

That's how things work around here. N4G is full of ignorant morons. Just ignore them and move on.

Alcon Caper3888d ago

well i definitely wanted to get it from the store just in case of rrod

Ju3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

@Shbzshar How does a 120GB Elite compete against a rumored 120 or 160GB PS3 slim @ $299 ? (both). (BTW: 80G PS3 is already over...clearance if you haven't noticed yet).

ShabzS3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

umm ... i'm talking about the current system portfolio ... its all rumours and spectualtions about the capacity of the ps 3 slim man we still have to see what capacity playstation 3 slims come out with

@below:lol... i think that would fall on the STRONG speculation category... while the hard drvie space for ps3 slim is up in the air... but my money would be on 120 gb

Ju3888d ago

... [rumor & speculation] so is the phased out Pro so far.

wxer3888d ago

i think you got a good point
but ...

why pick one or tow things

yet on the other hand you can get the hole package ??

and don't tell me you don't need them
cus you never know when you need something
or you get the feel to do or use some thing
yet in the end you realize you cant do it

aceitman3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

people who bought a arcade 360 find out about haveing to buy a hard drive and not everyone knows to buy one on ebay or amozon spend another 80 - 120 $ for a hard drive and if i wanted a new system for 299 ill get a ps3 y free online free wifi blueray player just the best deal and xbots please dont deny it u know its true its the best buy for the money every one that said ps3 will dominate if the price is right well it is time ms will soon drop 50$ to try and stop sonys train but i know a good amount of people saying there waiting for the price drop and its coming and there going to get it and plus all over the world sony will have a big inpact in evryone buying one now with a lower price as they where close to microsoft with a 100$ price difference now that there models r the same watch everyone start giving sony respect i mean developers and critics i dont know about the xbots fanboys yous guys r tough when it comes down to sony doing better than ms and watch japan sales surge they know it was going to happen soon thats y they r holding out

DaTruth3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

"Maybe you are just upset that you purchased one, and as a normal human being, you are attempting to justify your purchase. You know damn well you made a mistake."

That doesn't bode well for normal human beings. It has me feeling like I want to be abnormal!

king dong33888d ago

lol didn't you know, that the demented sony fanboys on here can even read the minds of people the have purchased consoles...Lol

seriously, i will give money to somebody via paypal if they actually link me to some real news and not some pathetic fücking blog thats been posted on here in the last 48hours!!!!

fück me this site is a joke

7ero H3LL3888d ago

i think people here remember that, not a single 360 game really requires a fvcking hdd, (installing games is optional) so those who just want to game can get straight to the action. and unless you really want 360's online service extremely bad, you will need an hdd.

360 arcade is cheaper than a wii, and it's got no HDD just like a fvcking wii, and you get a fvcking power house for less than a wii, so the deal still has it's advantages.

the primary objective of the arcade is to get you straight into gaming period. (the new arcades come with memory for you to save)

MGSR THE HD VERSION3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

how typical, the only people who say that the arcade is a bad idea are ps3 gamers. (how about showing some pictures of you guys really owning an xbox arcade)

soxfan20053888d ago

Lots of hate, but still no link to any survey results. I guess, as usual, the people who have the biggest problem with the 360 are the people who don't actually own one.

commodore643888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Completely agree with #2.

The idea postulated by the article that "most people who buy arcades experience buyers remorse" is really just ps3-fanboy babble.

In fact, for $199 you can play some pretty damn amazing games for a fantastic price. For the well informed consumer, the arcade is AWESOME value!

On the other hand, consider the poor guy who bought a $400 PS3 and then has to watch as the '$199 360' guy gets all the best multiplats.

Now THAT's buyer's remorse!

Case in point: Ghostbusters PS3.
If that didnt inspire Ps3 buyer's remorse, then I'll eat my hat.

Death3887d ago

For $199 you can play any game right from the box with the exception of FFXI. If you later decide you want the HDD that the Pro comes with, it will set you back another $99. For those playing at home that strugle with math, that gives you a combined MSRP of $299.98 which happens to be 1 penny shy of the Xbox 360 Pro MSRP of $299.99. With the Arcade you are also getting a 256MB memory unit which the Pro does not have. If anything the Arcade is the cheapest route. When you upgrade your Arcade with a 120 gig HDD it costs a combined total of $349.98 which is 50 bones less that the current MSRP of $399.99 that the Elite goes for. You will have to buy the HDMI cable seperately, but still have the bonus MU that comes with the Arcade. I would think even the least savvy N4G user could find an HDMI cable for less that $50.

Most people that claim to have "Arcade remorse" are PS3 owners that don't have an Xbox 360 and are still mad at the lower price which they feel is keeping the PS3 from crushing the competition.


gintoki7773887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

since when did pro have 60 gb and elite have 120gb my pro had a 20gb hard drive that came with it

i must not have been paying attention to xbox 360 at all lol

poopface13887d ago

they are selling the 60 GB PRO for 239.99. Interesting.

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PLAYSTATIONGENRATION3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

People went after me like it was such a crazy idea..the only reason they wont get rid of t he arcade is to justify there hdd prices..just look at their arcade price the the hdd price is super inflated

Godmars2903888d ago

No, they wont get rid of the Arcade because it gives them the lowest price point.

And its one thing to their only other HDD equipped SKU, and another actually eating the cost of a HDD by including it a SKU that doesn't have one.

rukia_chan3888d ago

the next move of ms:

360fixme $100

blackbeld3888d ago

the next move of ms too:

Natalfixme too $100 extra $$$ ching ching$$

Kill Crow3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

dropped the arcade and made the pro the same price as the arcade they will lose money.

But, if they they do what they're doing, more people will buy the elite just as more peeople buy the arcade now ...


LOL @people saying it's a desperate move .... What about Son'y new SKU and price drop ... what's that?

The last desperate move by M$ when they dropped teh price last year netted them with over 2.5 million MORE consoles sold that PS3 ... in 6 months ... Hell, with figures like that WHO wouldn't perform such desperate moves ...

oh right ... sony is .... HAHAHAHA

Saaking3888d ago

I look at it more the other way around. Sony is tipping Microsoft's hand. MS knows that the only thing keeping the PS3 behind is it's high price and they know that a price-cut will make sales of the PS3 go through the roof. To try to negate this momentume, MS is "cutting" their own prices before Sony even announces the PS3 slim. What I'm wondering is, which will have more effect? My guess is the PS3. The Xbox 360 is already extremely cheap and thus price is really not an obstacle for the 360.

whoelse3888d ago

Clearly the PS3. A PS3 at the same price of an Elite is crazy anyway. Free online, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Blu-ray packed in a PS3 for the same price!

3888d ago