Assassin's Creed in-depth preview + New Screens

GamersRadar reports that for while the Montreal-based team is happy to talk about their plans and the plot, much remains unseen, unsaid and under wraps. So all that talk of epoch-wandering killers, dredging the genetic memory of dead relatives and that HUD is distinctly off the agenda. But at the same time, they kept hinting at something else, something Dan Brownish in hue, something vague about the Holy Grail, the Knight's Templar, and a global conspiracy.

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techie4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

coool :) I likes it...especially that first screenshot...really sets off what the game is about, let alone the amazing wall textures. Yay!

BrotherSic4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

any guesses why the first screenshot doesnt use the blue filter?

could it be from a different location, time, etc? or maybe in game / cgi?

techie4190d ago

art design choice...different time of day. DIfferent city from what we've seen. They aren't cg.

nix4190d ago

looks like these are the screen shots from the demo they gave on 360 last year... i wanna see new places... i know this game is about time-traveling and all! i guess everyone has guessed it by now!

need something new to see! but will definitely buy this game! (((:

USMChardcharger4190d ago

read this...and notice they say when he is captured, his middle finger is removed:

"Altair’s own arrogance sees him fail in his mission to butcher Templar leader Robert de Sable. So we now find him stripped of rank, his middle finger and facing a fight to regain his lost prestige and powers."

this is actually where giving the "bird" came from. back then, they would remove a captured enemy's middle finger so he could not shoot his bow...well in response, some one with a middle finger would show an enemy the "bird" as to say, "i have my middle finger and can shoot a bow".

so no kidding...this is where giving the one finger salute came i understand it.

techie4190d ago

yup. That's true, the finger, or the Victory sign also.

USMChardcharger4190d ago

for a serious discussion and NOT to slam a console (it is a shame you have to explain your intentions now)...but according to this article...rumble is a key element in the game for lets you know what to grab onto when climbing and when you are about to lose your grip.

so i wonder how they will deal with the PlayStation not having rumble? will they remove this game play feature in the PS3 version...and try and give the PS3 something else "neat" with the six- axis? i bet the six axis could really be used well for the climbing aspect in the game...if done right.

whatever they do...they have nothing to give back physical would have to be visual or something in the PS3 version...i would guess.

i have not used the six axis so without the actual experience of it...i still think i prefer rumble. i keep running across situations in games were i say, else could that have been done without rumble.

USMChardcharger4190d ago

hey good point deep. so more than likely the pc version and ps3 version will have more in common then the 360 version...possibly.

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The story is too old to be commented.