Forza 2 can "absolutely" improve your driving

Dan Greenawalt has told CVG that he believes Forza Motorsport 2 can make you a better driver in the real world while the British School of Motoring recent said there's an indisputable link between gaming and dangerous driving.

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calderra4188d ago

There's also a strong link between hearing political news you disagree with on the radio and dangerous driving as well- in the interests of safety, we should immediately ban free speech.

Aaaaaanyway... I agree that you can learn at least the very basics of driving, especially from a sim game. But learning how to drive doesn't necessarily mean you're going to immediately go out and engage in illegal street racing or mow down pedestrians. It means you'll probably just drive.

Shaka2K64188d ago

Yeah and playing tiger woods pga games will increase your golfing skills. hehe.

power0919994188d ago

I agree with this article that it can help you in "racing" situations. But most people are not going to consider the best turn in point to hit thier apex properly when driving to get groceries. Only nerds like me do that :).

On the other hand... Tiger Woods actually helped my golf game by helping learn the in's and out's of each club.


FordGTGuy4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Why do you think guys that play flight simulators can just jump in military flight simulators and know what they are doing. All I have to say about "playing racing games influences speeding" is that with great risk comes great responsibility.

Hell look at America's Army a kid actual learned first aid skills by going through the military hospital portion of the game. Whats so great about that? He saved his older brother from death by correctly performing the first aid skills he learned from America's Army.

darthkojima4188d ago

That was soo 1999 It started at granturismo you know..

gta_cb4188d ago

well whatever is said about the game i think it looks very cool! and i cant wait untill 2morrow when i download the demo :P hehe!... shame its NOT XboxLIVE :( but ohwell gonna have Halo 3 beta soon aswell :D oh and 2day got the Gears of War maps! :D hehe its gonna be a fun couple of months owning a 360!

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