The Ultimate Console: PSWii60

In a perfect world; you would only have to buy one console to play the games you want to play. Would Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo make more money if they made one console? Maybe, maybe not.

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ASSASSYN 36o4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

With the lack of competition we would get shady games with no dynamic features. But in the unattainable perfect world...yes this system would be cute.

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gta_cb4278d ago

dosnt someone have the name psWii60 on here? ... lol ohwell yeh it would be ok, except no one bringing out all the stocks for the consumer to buy there product which would result in not having such things as XboxLIVE PSN, Marketplace, LIVE messenger (May 7th), BluRay, HD DVD etc.

competition is GREAT for these things, unfortinatly competition isnt always good but nothing is perfect.

PS360WII4278d ago

Hurray for name recongnition!

So yeah it would be awesome for a console to have everything on one console but it would cost waaaaaaay to much and would confuse almost anyone with the different companies trying to make one or the other for said system and try to incorporate all into it... ugh what a nightmare. Isn't this something similar idea to the "Phantom"?

Mycococo4278d ago

really dumb and really bad concept art. whould a pswii60 really have the xbox look. if you cant tell this site is pretty 360 bias then you arent looking at this site. not that big of a problem but it sure as hell is evident in most news posts that they are pushing 360. bad thing or good thing i really doubt it matters.

gta_cb4278d ago

i just want to say that i dont think this site is biased towards the Xbox 360, people/members submit the news, there has been ALOT of bad and good news for all systems being PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, PSP, PC etc so as WE submit the news maybe there is just more news/attension on the Xbox 360 then the PS3 at this moment in time.

kewlkat0074278d ago

that picture has all the characteristics of a Wii+360, where is the PS3's fine paint job and finish?

snoop_dizzle4278d ago

but i guess i have to have all three.

yeah completion would not be as great, though there would probably be more competition amongst developers.

But still, less completion is worse.

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The story is too old to be commented.