Blu-ray: 71; HD DVD: 29

Since the beginning of the year, Blu-ray disc sales have doubled its rival HD DVD. And, according to Nielsen VideoScan, last week was no different.Blu-ray accounted for 71 percent of all HDTV DVD title sales last week, compared to 29 percent for HD DVD.That's according to an article by Reuters.The news service says Blu-ray was aided by the release of the Ben Stiller comedy, A Night at the Museum, which is available only on Blu-ray....

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BrainDead4189d ago

ooooooooo thats gotta hurt. HD DVD are getting battered.

eques judicii4189d ago

isn't this a gaming site? the bluray vs hd-dvd battle is a movie war, not a game war...

can we stop posting the bluray vs hd-dvd? unless it specifically has to do with gaming... this news doesn't even mention playstation.

Torch4189d ago

there's no denying that (for better or worse) the Blu-Ray movie format is so closely intertwined with the success of the PS3 (and vice-versa).

The more dominant Blu-Ray becomes, that much more appealing the PS3 becomes as a capable movie/media player AS WELL as an awesome gaming machine.

(OK, OK, I've gotta confess a bit of bias here: I love movies as much as I do video games, so this news may not be as welcoming to others as it is to me...but it does get voted in, so SOMEONE else appreciates it.) :)

gta_cb4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

i can see your point but as tourch has said its related to the PS3 which is of course a console so its relavent also as theres the HD DVD add on for the 360. if your getting really "sick" of this kinda news then just ignore all the threads about HD DVD and BluRay... simple

as for the news, congrads again BluRay i didnt expect anything different. as for me im NOT going to buy the HD DVD add on for my 360 as it COULD turn out to be a bad investment, BUT if MS had included one then i would no doubt have brought some HD DVDs so i can say with nearly no doubt the PS3 is the main reason theres more being sold

this ISNT a fanboy comment, i just wanted to add a statement, i live in a popular town/city in the UK and the local retailer for this area is GAME. i went in there today to perchase some MS game points to buy the Gears of War maps and i saw 3 pre-owned PS3s, while i was waiting in the que the man infront asked of any deals on the PS3 and the man said no, there not selling PS3s hardly at all but he (i dont know if he ment him or GAME) thinks Sony are realising there products are too expensive as there also doing a price cut for the PSP as of 2morrow, from £150 to £130

now as i said this ISNT a fanboy comment as im not saying anything bad about the PS3, but with this news i cant see the PS3 selling very well AT THE MOMENT in the rest of the UK as like i have said i live in a very popular town/city, which IS good news for us, as if this continues Sony will have NO choice to give us a price cut :D and then well i mite get one myself :P hehe

Shaka2K64189d ago

Poor avsforum menbers they go crazy over this time to play them a visit and get a good laugh lol.

h-dvd 2007

PS3 Owns All4189d ago

And I remember all these people saying ''Blu Ray will fail this and that'' Well look at it NOW! They are now saying ''This is not a game console war, its a movie format war'' Make up ur minds! They did'nt say that in the beginning? Now they back down like cowards!

BIadestarX4189d ago

I think this is HD DVD camp's fault... when what the last time an HD DVD movie was released? I am amazed they sold anything.

xbox360migs4189d ago

HD DVD had a bit of a comeback and more titles are being released over the coming months, The beginning of the year was definitely slow for releases from HD DVD though.

XxZxX4188d ago

"Blu-ray accounted for 71 percent of all HDTV DVD title sales last week,"

I believe last week is april.

xbox360migs4188d ago

And there was only one week in april? how about the weeks before that when HD DVD was doing very well. A case of selective memory I think!

XxZxX4188d ago

then let me see ur collective memory of HD-DVD doing better than Blu-ray in April by nielson.

xbox360migs4187d ago

I was just saying that HD DVD sales picked up again in april and this article points out good sales for blu-ray from the beginning of the year whilst lot's of movies were released compared to HD DVD, but i'd like to point out that blu-ray has tooted it's horn on every good month it's had up until april where it's pretty clear HD DVD has picked up again from a huge spike in sales from an organized anniversary buy and more new releases and now we don't hear amazing results from the blu-ray association of amazing sales through another month being april but an average over the first part of the year. + planet earth still outsells the Blu-ray version and has done since release. Not bad for a format that has considerably less players in the market place!

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