Portable Xbox Slip-up?

It seems that a drunken French MS employee slipped up and revealed that there is indeed a portable Xbox gaming system planned for next-year. Not only that, but the inebriated worker also revealed that ATI is working on the chipset. Of course this is rumor for now.

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LK5805d ago

looks like more competition for the gaming portables. this will be interesting. i have a psp its not that bad, but there are no good games for it.

Sphinx5805d ago

Why are a lot of these rumors coming from drunk people?

achira5805d ago

because this are fyck fake rumours spread by people.

OutLaw5805d ago (Edited 5805d ago )

So far many have tried and failed to knock Nintendo out of being the King of Hand-helds.

TheMART5805d ago

Well they have been kicked from King in the console world also once so who knows...

And now the history is repeating itself when Sony get it's debt ass whooped.

I can't see why it couldn't be done in handheld

zypher5805d ago

OMG! we now rely on drunken employees for our gaming info?

Marriot VP5805d ago

I'm not gonna believe this for a few reasons. I could believe there being an ipod killer coming up that also plays games, but still that's hard to believe because nintendo has such a handheld monopoly

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The story is too old to be commented.