Next PlayStation Due In 18 Months - Rumour Bust

Father of the PlayStation, Ken Kutaragi's recent comments in the lead up to his retirement from Sony regarding the next iterations of the Playstation appear to have kicked off a firestorm of speculation. The latest regards the Playstation 4 and its imminent appearance.

Australian tech site, Smarthouse, reports that – according to a Sony insider - the PS4 is 18 months away.Sponge spoke to Sony in the UK this morning and were told, "Obviously, this is garbage." This unequivocal response is very different to the usual, "We don't comment on rumours" line… very different.....

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drtysouf214184d ago

Like i said in the other story about this it was pure BS!

QuackPot4184d ago

Alas, they've already prematurely ejaculated over the original rumour. Will have to give them more time to recover before they restart their typical whinging and ranting.

4184d ago
ReconHope4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

its funny how this only has 2 comments when the frontpage rumor has 70

BrainDead4184d ago

its because xbots need to justify there purchase. So they comment on a rumor to justify it.

gta_cb4184d ago

ooo arnt we getting personal!

razer4184d ago

Dude you need to get outside and off games for awhile..

btw - I remember when the Elite was announced and it was denied as well. Sony has a history of one hand not knowing what the other hand is doing..

Still I never believed the article in the first place. I think you need to stop commenting on "xbots" and worry about your own preferred console which is obviously(blindingly) the PS3.

Skynetone4184d ago

Does anybody know the spec of this new baby

I hope it comes with a camera

DeadlyFire4184d ago

It isn't coming until 2010 or 2011.

Now the Slim 65nm PS3 should be coming in 2008. So this is most likely what is coming in 18 months. PS4 won't come until at least 2010. The Cell 2 needs to be done before the next PS can be done.

fenderputty4184d ago

have your head in the clouds. I'm glad Ken put that rumor to rest.

dodgefate4184d ago

Thank you N4G for pulling this ps4 crap where it belongs

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