Halo 3 sells 10 million copies worldwide

Halo 3 has become the first Xbox title (on either the original or 360) to break 10 million copies worldwide as of the 8th August 2009 according to VGChartz research. This makes the title only the 35th game ever to reach this mark, the full list can be found here.

After launching to an astonishing 3.8 million copies in it's first week (a record which still stands) and with an average critic score of 9.6, long-term success for Halo 3 was assured. Nearly two years after launch, the game is still a regular in the worldwide weekly top 30 selling around 30,000 copies per week. In fact, the only reason why Halo 3 is likely to drop out of the top 30 in the coming months is due to the release of Halo 3: ODST - a side quest focusing on the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. Preorders for that title are already well over a million in the US alone so it looks like Bungie will have another huge hit on their hands.

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Sonyslave33989d ago

I bow down to the king of FPS that is halo 3.

ape0073989d ago

great,sp is decent,nothing compared to halo 1

halo 3 8.5-9

halo 1 a 10

kookro3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

agreed, halo combat evolved was one of the best fps's i have ever played(right behind half life 1). It's a shame the story went all "meh" in the other 2.

bmw693989d ago

Why was Halo 1 better than Halo 3?

kookro3989d ago

because it had a much better campaign mode... plus playing with friends with split-screen multiplayer/ co-op was just too fun in halo 1.

bmw693989d ago

But the multiplayer in Halo 3 > everything else, surely

likedamaster3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

No reason, it's a fad among elitists to say such things. Halo CE was played non-stop at my house whether I was there or not. LAN parties like crazy, while I played Halo CE multiplayer online on the PC(when it came out). Halo 2 came and blew Halo 1 out the water in every way. Halo 3 came and did the same.

Halo CE is remembered and favored mostly because its the game that introduced you to the story and the epic gameplay. It's nostalgia.

Btw, congrats to Microsoft & Bungie for reaching this epic milestone.


i respectfully disagree. The problem is this its all a matter of opinion.

in my eyes halo CE was better then the other 2 most ways.

and i could spend all day explaining why, but i am at work and don't have all day but i have written about this enough times.

it's not just some elitists fad. in my opinion the only reason halo 2 got the time it did was because its multiplayer could be played over live. i know you could with CE, but you had to do some software stuff etc.

as far as the single player experience in halo 2 and 3, i didn't find anything about them more enjoyable then CE, and that's why i was disappointed with them. anyway, different fans have had different reasons for liking the different halo games.

most of the people i know still like halo CE campaign over halo 2 and 3's. if you really want to know, send me a friend request on live and i will spend a good 10 hrs talking you to death about why halo CE was better then the others.

Mo0eY3989d ago

Rofl at these nerds arguing over Halo. And ROFLMAO at "king of FPS."

Bots are way too funny.

Anon19743989d ago

I've always loved the Halo games, and Halo 3 was no exception. Can't wait for Halo:ODST and Reach, although I did skip out on Halo Wars. I've played console RTS games before but they really didn't do anything for me.

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DelbertGrady3989d ago

According to vgchartz the 360 version of COD4 has sold 7.6 million. With ODST and MW2 coming out this holiday will be massive for the 360 and it's owners.

bmw693989d ago

Modern Warfare 2 could easily sell more than Halo 3 IMO

DelbertGrady3989d ago

I think so too, unless Activision overprice it as they are about to do. COD got much of it's mega-hype from COD 4 so the hype for MW2 will be even greater.

ape0073989d ago

a really good online shooter

single player campaign is no where as good as the legendary halo 1

it's nice to see h3 sell,hope bungie collect all that money and develop halo:reach with a really powerful engine

I was kinda disappointed with halo 3

online 9

sp 7 to 7.5


can't wait for odst,reach beta :)

StanLee3989d ago

Congratulations to Microsoft and Bungie.

StillGray3989d ago

For sure, MW2 is gonna be one of the best selling games of all time.

All-33989d ago

LOL - it should... it's not only a huge game, but it's also --> MULTIPLATFORM.

Halo 3 thus far, is not... but of course you've accounted for that fact - yes?

Bnet3433989d ago

Congrats to Bungie. Halo 3 is a great game and if you have an Xbox 360, should definitely be in your collection. Once again, congrats to Bungie, can't wait for ODST this fall.

ShabzS3989d ago

seriously congrats to bungie and mgs ... just finished h3 on legendary ... props to them for making a kick ass game ... this is well deserved sucess

jcgamer3989d ago

I don't want to go into detail, but the "Cortana" level was weak..and the last level was a in, "Are you KIDDING me right now, Bungie?".....I think the awesome Halo 3 ad campaign got me hyped for an epic battle that just wasn't there...but the controls were smooth like butter...

Watch out! Theeee brainless Flood! haha :)

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Omega43989d ago

Halo 3 is a beast which continues to sell extremely well even years after its release. Its no surprise MS would want to release a Halo branded game every year.

ps12&3lover3989d ago

actually its sad because it shows besides halo micro really has nothing else,,unlike sony we have many great franchises..gran turismo..god of war..metal gear..twisted metal..ratchet and clank..uncharted..resistance.. see thats more than 1 game people lol

StanLee3989d ago

Your comments show you're a douche.

evrfighter3989d ago

if anything, this guy showed all the reasons why 360>ps3 when it comes to online

skullsealer3989d ago

i remember playing halo 4 player split screen on it's release day and thinking what's all the fuss about? the grass pops in from 5 feet away and everybody is in spaceships instead of shooting. since then i've played it more throughly and was still never blown away it never seemed like that great of a game to me, but apparently i'm the minority here. congrats to bungie on a job well done that's a real milestone 10 mil

da720izcumin3989d ago

2 bad halo n forza n fable would own ur list...
n thas just 3

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user13373989d ago

I still preferred the first one.

table3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Everyone with any sense does. It's crazy that Halo3, probably on a par with Haze, can do those numbers.

IaMs123989d ago

I wouldnt take it that far lol. Everyone loves the first in anything pretty much. Movies are the same way and games too. WAY back then sequels use to be better then the originals not anymore.

qface643989d ago

i would choose the 2nd one playing that one online was fun i don't really like the way 3 is

i can't even play all the game modes i have to pay to play those >_>

skeletonss3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

if madden sells more on the ps3.


i posted this in the wrong article it was ment for a madden article.. my bad

bmw693989d ago

Madden? Have you actually looked at the figures for Madden? Why would it sell more than 10m on PS3?

Kushan3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Because 1 in 2 (or what the hell, lets say the PS3 is going to hit 30Million soon - 1 in 3) playstation 3 owners are going to buy it?
Wishful thinking, the game isn't even that big outside of the US.

PotNoodle3989d ago

The game doesn't sell anything outside of the US. The PS3 doesn't even have 10m sold in the US, unless of course PS3 owners are going to buy 2 copies each, it wouldn't do 10m.

Tomkar3989d ago

Madden will never sell more on PS3 unless PS3 install base is bigger then 360 in US (which it's not). Madden is a game no one cares about outside the US. And it's outside the US EA is making the most profit on PS3. ;-)

ryano232773988d ago

Shouldn't be posting in here, but in Australia Madden is quite popular.

Not as popular as the U.S obviously, but it has a following. I love Madden, play that more than any other game.

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