Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood PC Demo Released

The Demo features only one single map, cut version of the Prison break level will be available. Players will only be able to play the map with Ray. The Demo contains no online games.

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dirthurts4364d ago

I'm all over this. Downloading now .

SRU96004364d ago

I played the Xbox 360 version of this game and loved it.
Great gameplay and a great story!

It also looked incredible on my 360, so I can only imagine how it will look while running on a nice PC.

dirthurts4364d ago

I have to say pretty sweet! The mouse and keyboard works quite well. I will try it again later with the 360 controller.
I think I'll be picking this one up on my pc. Ran great.

dkblackhawk4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

Isn't this game already out? Or am I tripping out here...
The game came out June 30 2009 In USA and now they are releasing a demo? Sorry but wow...