1up: Exclusive Uncharted 2 Interview

1up.com: Naughty Dog is in full-on crunch mode for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. "Last Sunday was my first day off, and we've been working seven-day weeks since Christmas," notes creative director Amy Hennig. When I sit down in co-president Evan Wells' office to play some Gold Rush, I notice something I don't usually see on an executive's desk: a pile of empty Mountain Dew cans. Yet despite the long days of testing and polishing and tuning, both of them took the time to sit down and talk about the themes, inspirations, and goals for Uncharted 2.

Cajun Chicken5161d ago

Nathan's shirt is tucked in 3/4's this time!

Seriously, this is my most anticipated game this year. Just hope it can live up to Uncharted, but this is Naughty Dog we're talking about, their sequels are always much more defined.

SnuggleBandit5161d ago

Ya the level of detail is just INSANE! Especially when they talk about the cover system and his running animations...and they put all that effort into something half of gamers out there won't even notice


Cajun Chicken5161d ago

I can't wait to see the water effects in the new one. Heck, when I saw Nathan's clothes getting wet and slowly drying off again over time, amazing. If you ask me, the Crash Bandicoots got better, The Jak series got better and Uncharted well, I fail to see ND not topping their selves again.

My fave developer, their attention to detail is immeasurable, graphics, design, narrative and animation and they make you really connect with the protagonists.

ND are true artists.

SnuggleBandit5161d ago

ya the water in the last game was truly awesome to see...i know they will improve on those effects this game but what i'm really looking forward to are the snow effects.

Cajun Chicken5161d ago

Yeah, ND always manage to pull out fantastic snowy areas. Can't wait to see snow and ice in Uncharted 2. I hope it has reflections in it like what Crash 2 did with the floors.

cranium5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

I hope the ice is slippery. That could make for some interesting platforming sections, and, maybe even combat sections!

Rofflecopter5161d ago

hah can you imagine playing through on crushing with slippery ice?

You're on the last section of a ridiculous level, you're getting shot at left and right, you take a huge leap and slide halfway across the room into cover.

Good stuff.

Hububla5161d ago

"he probably had literally about 150 to 200 cover-taking animations -- whether he was low or high, or how he had his foot angled, and that was all done via a proprietary layered-animation system that we developed."

im really starting to like naughty dogs attention to detail

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cranium5161d ago

"One of the main characters in the game is Tenzen -- this guy you meet in Tibet who becomes your partner for a while. The interesting interplay there is that Tenzen doesn't speak English, while Drake doesn't speak Tibetan, and their dialogue plays out that way. We don't subtitle the Tibetan either, so the player is in the same boat as Drake is -- in the "Uh, I have no idea what you're saying.""

Can't wait to see what other humorous situations Drake will find himself in :)

Cajun Chicken5161d ago

That really reminds me of Herge type comedy in the Tintin books.

Aceluffy5161d ago

I hope somebody will be kind enough to translate what he says then, gotta know everything about Uncharted 2

doctorstrange5161d ago

I love this game so much it hurts

Dellis5161d ago

This game will flop at Retail but it will be amazing as game

like part 1

SnuggleBandit5161d ago

first one sold over 3.5 million!!?? how will this one flop??

El_Colombiano5161d ago


If it doesn't sell 10 Million, its a flop for them.

SnuggleBandit5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

ya he won't reply cause he's just a troll...or a noob who knows nothing about games...or both :)