Gamers want shorter, better games - Dyack

Gamers no longer want to play games that last 60 or 100 hours according to Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack.

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Dlacy13g4190d ago

I think most gamers will say on the surface they want the huge long game...but I think very few actually finish those games. Either they just dont have the time to devot to it, or they get bored over the long haul. With so many new games constantly coming out game creators no matter how good the game is will constantly be being one upped if you will by the next good game to come out. We as gamers tend to be a "oh look at the new shinny object" kind of people when it comes to games so games shelf lives have drastically shortend over the past 5 years. Games that have replay value will stand the test of time, Halo 2 comes to mind...but those are few and far between.

For me I want a good story, and something i can finish inside of a month with my work schedule and family life. I cant devot every waking hour to the game..but I still want to finish it in a reasonable time and enjoy it.

Bullseye4190d ago

for devs to cut down development time and production costs, that's all.We'll end up with mindless, complete in 10hrs games that provide very little entertainment, but look stunning. I'll stick to 40 - 60 hr games that take time to build and tell a story etc.It appears the new generation of consoles is heralding the overall decline in quality titles in favour of wonderous graphics.I for one don't want to pay for a game that takes less time to complete, than the time it takes to earn the money to buy it!

PhinneousD4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

where are they getting that 'gamers' are all wanting shorter games. by all means don't skimp on the quality but this sounds like an excuse for chopping up their game into a trilogy which will cost gamers 180 bucks opposed to a flat 60.

donscrillinger4190d ago

calm down my friends !i know for an fact that i don't buy games that aren't at least 20+ .i fell that if you get an action or any game besides sports the game should be long to beat .whats the point of buying an 60dollar game if you beat it in an week .i think thats an waste of time and money and system power.

kewlkat0074190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

thats not about:
a perspective on games and gaming.

Back in the day, games seemed to be shorter when you think about, but they were somewhat challenging. There was less Continues, lives, and you literally had to start from scratch when you died. There was no save points in between. The 2-d games made it easy for you to fall to your doom, unlike 3-D games.

Today, with the inclusion of HDD and memory carts, you play a game a little at a time and go back to where you left off. Most gamers can play like 3-4 different games at once. Back in the day I could not afford 3-4 games at once so I really took the time to finish and locate all the secrets in most games.

These days don't have all the time in the world to roam around and get every little secret. As soon as I'm done with a game I just jump to the next, or there are times, where I might be playing 3 games at once. Gears of War was probably one of the best games I've played to date, and while a lot of people thought it was kinda short, they also forget, that developers, can sometimes be like movie makers, they are not going to give you a trilogy all in one package. We all know there will be at least 3 Gears. For what it was, I enjoyed it.

For one thing, Japanese developers seem to know how to write a good story, then western developers. The Ironic thing is Westerners are better at writing movie scripts. When can these same movie directors start working on scripts for for games.

I'm an avid RPG gamer and I don't like RPGs that are somewhat open-ended. I need to know that I have something to do, I have no time to waste just walking around, unless the worlds are pretty and interactive. I guess I'am an old-school RPG person. I need to know I'am working towards something, not just lolly gagging in the bushes.

I rather a medium length games depending on the Genre.
Platformer - 30hrs
FPS - 15hr, these game get repetitive unless the story is great.
RPG - 60+ is fine with me, as long as the story is great.
Sports - pick up anytime and kick @ss
Fighter - 1-2 hrs, depending how many times a tough boss kicks my @ss.
Racing - is like sports games, you conquerer a couple of tracks a week.

With the idea of Achievements on the Xbox360, I do find some time here and there to go back and locate items, secrets and best my times and such, which can only help the replay value, and lets not forget Xbox Live.(The fun never ends)

Currently Playing:
Waiting for Elite and Forza.

Bullseye4190d ago

that's a view and i respect that, but please explain 'lolly gagging in the bushes'is this some kind of ambush tactic used in RPG's ? What the hell is 'lolly gagging' and why does need to be done in the bushes?

kewlkat0074190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Lollygagging, or lallygagging, means to loiter, to hang about, perhaps in a relatively aimless way.
So I was being sarcastic in a way, I don't want to be aimlessly walking around, hanging around or hitting bushes with a stick because of nice physics or something.

figure of speech..bro

Anego Montoya FTMFW4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

denis dyack.
denis dyack.

games can be great and long too.
i don`t need to list of a bunch cause we`ve all played one before.
great games can be short but.. come on.
thats not what you should aim for.

Maybe he`s talking about Too Human.
is "Too Human" gonna be "Too Short"
i`m just saying if not, why would he say this.

but then again this is coming from a guy who thinks games shouldn`t be previewed.

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