Halo 3 Beta Leak Videos

Here are some new leaked footage of the upcoming Halo 3 Beta. They're not the best quality but they should give you an idea of what to expect when the Beta finally arrives.

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dalectrics4184d ago

are barely watchable. First I've seen of the pistol in action though.

Jonny_Morg4184d ago

Videos are not of the best quality but, what it shows of the gameplay looks alot of fun and seems to be running at a decent speed :D

REALLY can't wait to play the beta now!!! (I was one of the few who actually bought crackdown FOR crackdown!!! lol 900/900 Gamerpoints! :D )

gta_cb4184d ago

i did actually buy crackdown for crackdown as i was told i wasnt going to get the beta invitation unless i brought it online, and i brought it from a local retailer lol. i have got about 710/900 as i am finding it hard to find all the bloody orbs, and 1 of the street races i cant do :( shame but ohwell i am looking forward to the beta :P and i wont be returning the game once the beta is finished either :)

Hayabusa 1174184d ago

I brought Crackdwon for Crackdown, and I have 900 points on neh!

gta_cb4184d ago

its funny as the camera keeps moving on the first vid, didnt want to watch anymore as i am going to be playing this when it comes out anyway and also didnt want to listen to him anymore, especially when hes breathing down the mic lol

o Su1cyDal o4184d ago

atleast they finally have someone who knows how to play and make things interesting.

Nascasho4184d ago

After watching those I can't stop thinking about this BETA. those videos hurt your eyes.

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The story is too old to be commented.