'Shadow Complex' Speed Runs: Beatable In Just Over An Hour

MTV Multiplayer writes: "In a rare move, Chair Entertainment was able to send out download codes for "Shadow Complex" more than a week before the game releases to the world on XBLA. So, of course, I've been playing a lot of it. My review is embargoed until next week, but I thought you guys might be interested to learn just how quickly the game can be finished."

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shocky164066d ago

Can't wait for this gem though, we need more types of Metroid-like games this gen.

Natsu X FairyTail4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )


"Let me preface by saying that your first time through the title will probably take around 6-8 hours. The above "speed run" times were from second and third play-throughs of the game, when players are already familiar with the map, have a boosted up character level (your level carries over to subsequent play-throughs) and have other "advantages" which I won't delve into since they may be considered spoilery."

is there any Multiplayer in this game? That'd would make the game last longer to me.

gaffyh4066d ago

I agree with you for once, surprisingly. Speed runs are obviously not indicative of the normal playthrough time.

Kushan4066d ago

The speed run record for Super Metroid is something like 25mins. But actually doing that requires hours and hours and hours of practice.

Tony P4066d ago

I still have my issues with the reported length, but speed runs of course don't factor into it. Especially when they've said they made the game with speed runs in mind.

It is also quite nice to know the game has save game+ style carry over. I wish more games did that.

The Wood4066d ago

im sure nobody will remind you guys of the mgs4 5 hour limit which then got used to by 'some' to downplay it....remember that im sure those same people are just fine with this or they now understand that speed runs are for the dedicated and are never easy and like Kushan said it takes hours and hours of practice usually

BlackTar1874066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Just like below no one will acknowledge that ever happen. Just liek the hate for MGS was so big until it got annouced for 360. Im just stating the facts here it would be wrong to put everyone in the same group but there are some who have not shown there face on the thread who were big supporters of Anti MGS and how a 5hr speed run made the game suck

anyways im waiting for this game reminds me of like splinter cell/ something looks fun and hope its coop : )

BTW im not a 1 console person Im jus a MGS fanboy i have been playing them and hideo's games since nes on saturday morning with my older brother and ill never forget how many ill things were said about the franchise and the speed run making the game crappy and short by some people. The worst taste i had in my mouth this whole gen well besides having my brother spill hot tea on my xbox at the end of Fallout 3 and like 50 hrs fryig everything even the memory yea was a terrible moment in life

gaffyh4066d ago

@2.4 - 5 hours speed run is pretty good I have to say. I got down to 3 hours 15 min on my MGS speed run. Still haven't done that on MGS4, it doesn't feel like the type of game you would want to speed run.

Carl14124066d ago

Exactly. Add up all the speed runs on Mirror's Edge and it's barely over an hour. But to actually do that, you need tons of patience. And that time is only achieved after you really know the levels and how t take addvantage of them

SmokingMonkey4066d ago

I loved it, one of my all time favorite games.

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Saaking4066d ago

It better be around 10 dollars or else it's just a rip-off.

Saaking4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Yes, I know it's a speed run in one hour; however, they've also been saying the game can be completed in 4-5 hours. It doesn't have any multiplayer so it's not worth more than 10 bucks if you can beat in around 4-5 hours.

shocky164066d ago

Considering it was 3-4 hours long and $15?

Saaking4066d ago

Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty has great gameplay and continued the story from where it left off. This is just a simple 2.5D sidescroller with no multiplayer and no incentive to play more than once. As I said, it looks interesting, but it's not worth more than 10 bucks. If it's $10 I'll buy if not then I'll wait for MS to make one of their deals.

shocky164066d ago

*sigh* kids these days, and fyi Super Metroid is better then any game this gen thus far.

talltony4066d ago

well I beat Mirrors edge on hard in 2 and half hours and that was a 10 hour game. so this game is probably close to 8 hours on average for the first playthrough.

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KoB4EMvPi4066d ago

Dont care if its 30 min or 10 hrs..
This game is a must fuhking buy.

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