New God of War 2 Screenshots

A bunch of new screens CVG managed to get their hands on, and prepare for a salivatory overload - because, frankly, God of War II is looking a hell of a lot better than the already stunning original.

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omansteveo6180d ago

way overrated IMO...reminded me of a really violent and gory prince of persia

OutLaw6180d ago

The first God of War was a great game and I feel this one is going to be just as good.

andy capps6180d ago

Agreed. The first God of War was one of my favorite games, and am looking forward to this one very much. Also, looking forward to whatever project David Jaffe is working on for the PSP, but who knows what it is. Maybe a God of War for PSP?

zypher6180d ago

with all the talk about PS3 and 360, i'd kinda forgotten all about this current-gen gem. the first one was perhaps my favorite current-gen game. can't wait for the sequel. hopefully Incognito has begun work on a PS3 rendition.

dragn avengr6179d ago

DAMN, i cant wait for this one, the first god of war is rock.