Developers Warned that Realism Can Lead to Litigation

GameDaily reports:

"Orrick attorneys Jason S. Angell and Siddhartha Venkatesan discuss the potential pitfalls of modeling game environments and characters around real world landmarks and personae. The duo go over two recent lawsuits (which the game companies won) to illustrate what developers should pay attention to in order to avoid litigation."

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sovietsoldier4187d ago

when i say that the movie,tv,music industries don't have this problem. games keep getting the short end of the stick and i think its the other media types that are behind it. people wont be happy till there is no more games and we have to go back to board games, god give us a brake!

deathtok4187d ago

The movie, TV and music industry have been under the same fire for a long time. It's just that games are more recent because those industries have been around for some time now.

sovietsoldier4187d ago

but i think this is in some ways different from them and they may be the problem. also its money/politics that is the driving force because games don't have as much back alley payoffs.