Virtua Fighter 5 - interview and arcade video blowout

Games Radar sat down with the developers at AM2 at its headquarters in Tokyo to learn all about what's up with Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox 360.

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BIadestarX4278d ago

When asked about the changes for making the game for the 360 and the PS3 (on reference to what Lair developers said) this is what he said, "It took us the same amount of time to develop both games, they are equally challenging to develop. In some ways I think developing for the 360 was easier... Microsoft software development kits where well put together. They were also helpful at responding to our requests"

The other day I got flamed by the Sony fanboys for saying something against what the lair developer said, "If you create first on the PS3," he later adds, "it is pretty easy to port it to the 360. A lot of companies coming on board now will probably start on the PS3 and move to the 360. " This goes totally against what VF5 developers (which unlike Lair developers) have experience on developing consoles for both consoles. Lair developers = Sony PR agents and wherever they say should be taken acordinly. Ofcourse I am will to change my opinion about this if any sony fanboy gives me a better explanation on why would a Exclusive PS3 developer with no experience on xbox 360 games sudgest games to be made for the PS3 first base don this theory which is later thrown down by an actual developer that works on both consoles.