Shadow Complex only 4-5hrs long

During the Microsoft E3 conference, Epic Games took stage and unveiled a new XBLA title titled Shadow Complex. Sporting gameplay reminiscent of the 2D Metroid and Castlevania titles, Shadow Complex quickly became one of the most anticipated XBLA titles for the 360. Sadly, the game may not be the adventure many thought it would be.

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The Wood4062d ago

thats pretty normal. what makes the real difference is the pricing. I have a feeling MS will have a higher than average price on this

Blaze9294062d ago

Title makes it seem as if that is a bad thing for just an arcade title. Wanted Weapons of Fate was 3-4 hours long and that was a full on $60 game :/

As for the pricing, itll be 1200 Microsoft Points, $15. Seems fair for this type of game which just pushed the quality of XBLA games up a notch no? "Average" pricing is 800 Microsoft Points, $10.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Yeah, 4-5 hrs actually isn't bad for a downloadable title. Ratchet and Clank age of booty was about that long.

The one thing I wish PSN had was deals on points, but they go by face value. I buy at least a couple PSN games a month. At least you can share them I geuss.

Tony P4062d ago

So what does 10-12 hours "average playtime" mean? I'll still get it since I like that kind of gameplay.

But seriously, where did the other 5-7 hours go?

mastiffchild4062d ago

As long as the pricing is correct is this really important? If they want to charge full pretail for the game, which they won't, and it's in line with similar length XBLA/PSN games there's not really an issue even if they were being cheeky over the original estimates of it's length.

4062d ago
gaffyh4062d ago

For the price I'd say this is a fair amount of gameplay hours, but it's always annoying when developers state the maximum amount of play time as the average play time.

DelbertGrady4062d ago

4-5 hours to get 40-50% of the collectibles according to some NEOgaffers. 10-12 hours to get 100%.

SolidSystem4062d ago

I probably agree with that accessment. on average for people to get everything it will take 10 hours, which is what i expected.

metroid was the same way.

raztad4062d ago

4-5 hours long is disappointing. Cliffy said (E3) game was 12 hours long. It got me excited and being Shadow Complex the only real x360 exclusive that interest me (I can play PC games on my PC), I was even thinking on getting a x360 just for it, but 5 hours long is not enough to justify that purchase.

JaggedSac4062d ago

Wow, you were going to get a 360 for 12 hours of gameplay? PS3 fanboys. Gotta love em.

Tony P4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )


That would be the first assumption. However, that's not at all how Epic or perhaps Destructoid made it sound. The article almost explicitly stated there will be extras beyond 10-12 hours of gameplay.

As I've said, 4-5 hours isn't a big deal esp. for a XBLA game. It is however quite misleading when you're promised a lot more beforehand.

There needs to be some official word to clear up what they meant exactly.

This, among other articles, is what I'm reading btw:

"Mustard tells us that there are 10-12 hours of gameplay on average, but that does not factor in acquiring all of the items and powerups, and does not count another game mode that gives players 21 time-based challenges to complete with weapons and abilities."

Blaze9294061d ago

Get real, you were NOT thinking on getting a 360 JUST for some ARCADE title that will be $15. Yeah right.

gameraxis4061d ago

at in the last dev diary for this game, the developer is quoted saying that the game will take 10 to 12 hours to complete with all the "exploration" and "large scale levels" that shadow complex offers

that's the kicker...PR bullsh*t!

All-34061d ago

> Cliffy said (E3) game was 12 hours long. It got me excited and being Shadow Complex the only real x360 exclusive that interest me (I can play PC games on my PC), I was even thinking on getting a x360 just for it, but 5 hours long is not enough to justify that purchase.

LOL - riiiight.... but a game like Heavenly Sword --> a $60 dollar game is worth it for 5-6 hours of actual gameplay?

Nice try - raztad... ( not really )

raztad4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

@blaze, Jaggedwhatever

Fanboy? Get real? You are the fanboys needing for some reality check. I dont need to come here to spew b*llsh*t. Go and check my comment history, I previously stated (more than once) I was excited about this game. Would you believe me if I said I was interested in Halo:ODST? LOL you are so funny, so excited about expansions packs/dlcs/multiplats but fail to see how someone could be interested in an exclusive "Arcade" game. Clearly, it's just one game but with it some other exclusives will follow, hopefully, and even I could use some PC/360 games.

Gotta love 360 fans. I got enough games to keep me entertained while the Arcade xbox model hit $150 and the Elite $250, it will happen sooner than you expect. MS is so predictable.

I didnt get HS for $60. In fact I got it used $20, its an awesome game but way too short. I dont like to waste my hard earned money.

usern4g4061d ago

The game is *NOT* "4-5 hours long". That's FUD.

If you only play a tiny tiny fraction of the game, know where you're going, and run / speed through it -- you can do it *very fast* (as with any title!).

The article is worthless FUD.

Hobadoon4061d ago

But you were gonna drop a couple hundred on a game console for a $15 game? I blame you for my laptop secreting this bull shyt smell.

Elvfam5114061d ago

didn't cliffy B say it will be 10 hrs long at E3

GameGambits4061d ago

I don't think even a Sony fanboy of the hardest hardcores could try to support that BS. Seriously NO ONE would buy an entire $200+ console for a 4-5 hour arcade game. Those are throw back games you play during dry periods between the reasons you got the console.

If Shadow Complex was somehow "the" game to spring a light bulb into your head to tell you you should get a 360 then I think it's safe to say the Gerbel on the wheel in your head died running a long time ago.

There has been up to this point plenty of good reasons to get a 360 for people who have the money and a PS3/Wii already. In fact games that are 1000X better than Shadow Complex up to this point across all genres.

Glad I own all the consoles and portables now so I can just laugh you poor people who for some f*cked up psychopathic reasons need to stroke your console 24/7 instead of put time into getting them all like me so you can enjoy it all. Poor ignorant people are the worst fanboys of them all.

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N4PS3G4062d ago

Cliffy haha you lying bastard

StanLee4062d ago

You're a major douche and an idiot. Chair has stated the game would take 10 to 12 hours to complete the game, meaning 100% complete, as they admit the game can be completed in under 2 hours by evidence of the achievement. If it takes 4 to 5 hours to complete the games with 40% to 50%, by simple math, the game would take 10 hours to complete 100% wouldn't it? Did you even read the article?!

N4PS3G4061d ago

don't get b!tchy on me...i'm getting the game day one..but i don't like lies..and i'm pretty sure the game doesn't last 10-12 hours...i read neogaf and i know what the poster said.

Odion4062d ago

How is it that neogaf people have the game already if it hasn't been released yet?

MattyF4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

The media have been given codes already for reviews of the game. Here's a pic too:

Double Toasted4062d ago sucks if you don't have a 360.

caffman4062d ago

heavenly sword, lair, wanted-weapons of fate, ratchet and clank. Do I need to go on?

ssipmraw4062d ago

not as short as your d!ck caffman hahaha!

talltony4061d ago

and i do have a 360. I was actually looking forward to this. Ill still get it if it gets good reviews though.

caffman4061d ago

1. if my d!ck is 4 to 5 hours long, travelling at 60mph, that would mean my d!ck is between 240 to 300 miles long!!!!!!
2 and (and you really made this soooo easy) your mum doesn't complain (she moans a bit though) and your dad even wanted it but I told him I wasn't that way inclined and he should go back to shagging you!

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-MD-4062d ago

"only"? 5 hour campaign for a 15 dollar game? I'm there.

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