John Davidson: My PS3 just killed my 360

John Davidson of 1up explains how his PS3 didn't much like its gaming friend the it decided to take advantage of one of its powers to kill the 360...

"Bottom line, my PS3 killed my 360. I have learned a very valuable lesson from this."

Read on.

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The General4188d ago

I have learned a very valuable lesson from this
Posted at Wed, 02 May 2007 16:52:31 PDT
And the lesson is: when placed beside the enemy, PS3 will immediately utilize weapons of mass destruction. Aka. kill the competition with its pure hot and sexiness.

Dareaver14187d ago

4 Rings means that the 360 shut itself down because of either power consumption or heating problems. Some of you seriously need to know to read first and get your information straight. You are so happy when you hear bad news about the competition that it's kinda sickening. Without competition, we would have things like NBA live 06 running around stinking up the place. Competition makes technology progress further and faster. The 360 is a great machine and has great games, the ps3 is a great machine and has great games coming out, and the wii is a great machine and has extremely entertaining games. All of these machines are great. But when you fanboys turn a news forum sight into this ungodly mess of hate for the competition, it begs to wonder if you are all old enough to be on this sight in the first place. Some (not all) of you need to grow up, or at least act more mature. The guys 360 shut down because of either temp restraints or power consumption, it's not broken. So you can stop the carcass dancing ceremony!

MetalProxy4182d ago

The different patterns of lights during the ring of death mean different problems other than over heating.

gta_cb4187d ago

yeh it is pretty funny lol!

kingofps34187d ago

gta_cb, you look incredibly funny. Also, I am not at all surprised by reading that the PS3 has killed one of its competition.

CaliGamer4188d ago

I am assuming this guy is some sort of video game columnist or something. Wouldn't be aware that heat and electronics don't mix? Stupidity killed his 360.
On a related not, I guess the PS3 can withstand higher temperatures, go figure.