10 PS3 tricks Sony doesn't tell you

Got a PlayStation 3? For those of you that have picked up Sony's shiny black plaything, Digital Home have put together a top ten of tips that you won't find in the user manual.

1) Play games from any country
2) The secret video reset
3) See how much charge is on your pad
4) Download game saves
5) Make free video phone calls
6) Browse multiple Internet windows
7) Upgrade your hard drive
8) Share your bought downloads
9) Force a PS3 to show your files
10) Change your album art

For more details on this top ten, please follow the link.

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btkadams4278d ago

cool. some i knew, some i didnt. i didnt know if u held the reset it would reset to default settings. i was hopin for something really big though. watever, good list for ps3 owners.

IPlayGames4278d ago

I took my PS3 to my friends house and the pic didnt show cause my T.V. is 1080i and his reg 480. I didnt know how to reset the res.

techie4278d ago

best one is sharing download games. Don't waste your money guys! Find some friends and split downloadable games between you. Eg. Tekken will cost you $4 each! No tricks here, totally legit.

INehalemEXI4278d ago

yah thats sweet, im still wanting an update that lets me play music while playing games.

drtysouf214278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

Here's another one If you have a Sony Pictures Blu-ray movie on the menu screen hit triangle(for controller) (just press numbers if you have blu-ray blutooth remote)and input 7669 (which spells SONY) then press enter it will bring up 6 Hd Tv calibration screens to calibrate your Hd Tv but the downside is it has no instructions and it's very basic so you'll have to know what your doing.

Chibs4278d ago

Seriously nothing in that list that I didn't know already :(

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The story is too old to be commented.