Official Transformers Trailer Released for PS3 and Xbox 360

IGN now has the official Transformers: The Game trailer available for all to see.

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Robotz Rule4187d ago

I can't wait!

I'm a huge mech fan and Transformers fan!:D

Long live the Autobots!

Death to those f*cken Decepticons!

JewyMcJew4187d ago

The quality standards for next-gen game has been established. We know what it looks like. Unfortunately, I don't think this measures up to it.

Shame. I still love Transformers (the original, not that anime stuff)

Firewire4187d ago

To be honest I was hoping for a bit more from the game,
but it should be expected, as these conversions of movies to
video games never really ends up good!
But if your a mech fan it should be pretty cool!
Movie looks awesome!

Apocalypse Shadow4187d ago

gamers need to stop complaining and just play.

i'm a fan of the original,and having the prime voice back is cool.

AppleSlime4187d ago

This looks worth a rental at least. It's certainly not the crappiest looking game on the ps3 or the 360.

drtysouf214187d ago

I'm real excited for the new movie but not so much the game.

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