Forza Motorsport 3 Screenshots: JDM Icons

New screenshots of JDM Icons for Forza 3

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DelbertGrady4924d ago

I hope you get to swap the engine of the 1984 Celica. And pimp it with bodykits and some nice paint designs. I'm already fantasizing about all the tuning you can do in Forza 3. Can't wait!

MNicholas4924d ago

I'm glad they hothered to improve the graphics over Forza 2, which, as I posted last year, was simply an embarrassment. This is a much better effort and more like what one would expect from the 360 ... about half of what the PS3 is pushing.

Megan Fox4924d ago

This game is looking impressive, i can see why PS3 fans are so afraid of it.

GiantEnemyCrab4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

"about half of what the PS3 is pushing. " So close to not being a fanboy about it.. About half?? LMAO. This looks as good as any GT game but then again I'm not a pixel counter.

ShabzS4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

it looks too real ...

Sarcasm4924d ago

I've been playing a lot of forza 2 lately (tired of gt5p) and i'm amazed at the difference from forza 2 to forza 3. but i'd like to see some real screenshots for once and not from the photo mode.

I know polyphony releases those super high resolution photos all the time, but come on Turn 10. If you guys really claim to have the "definitive racing game this generation" then release some real f'in screenshots!

MNicholas4924d ago

I know you 360 fanboys would freak out if I spelled out the reality of it so I intentionally talked down GT5's technical superiority over Forza 3. But since you guys have freaked out already let me spell it out.

1) 1080P looks worlds better than 720P on a FullHD panel and you dont have to count pixels to know that. But in case you wanted to count ...

480P: 0.41M pixels
720P: 0.92M pixels
1080P: 2.1M pixels

Rendering a 3d scene at 480P requires about 1/5th the processing power as the exact same scene rendered at 1080P. Rendering that same scene at 720P requires less than half the processing power compared to 1080P. In other words, it would literally require more than twice as much processing power for Forza 3's graphics to be rendered at 1080P.

2) GT5 is actually rendering more complex scenes than Forza 3. It has better lighting and shaders (more photorealistic ... just ask any game reviewer who's played both) and is drawing twice as many cars, sometimes, as in Nascar, with all of those cars bunched together.

3) Stop being such blatant fanboys. You all also claimed that Forza 2 looked better than GT5 Prologue when it was even more obviously deficient in terms of visuals than Forza 3. Atleast Forza 3 looks usually good (apart from some truly bizarre lighting artifacts that show up especially in replays) as long as you don't look too closely.

4) Just because Forza 3's graphics aren't in the same class as GT5 doesnt mean it's not a good game. In fact, it might end up being a better game but a) we won't know till we play it and b) even then personal preferences play a big role in assessing gameplay. Many people drool over the God of War series but I find it technically impressive but utterly boring.

JaggedSac4924d ago

Mmmm....PS3 fanboys tears. Feed me. FEEEED MEEE.

DelbertGrady4924d ago

So you believe GT5 will run at 1080p and 60fps? I believe it when I see it. Some devs are very good at promising stuff.

Also, Gran Turismo Prologue and Wipeout HD are the only games that supports 1080p HD native. Others might have 1080p but upscaled, which are best to view them in their original output which is 720p.

Chris_GTR14923d ago

i hope an altima 2002-06 model is in there. its alot better than that shiat in the picture

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pure pwnage244924d ago

looks like Gran Turismo 3, almost Gran Turismo 4

flopza 3, at itz finest!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4924d ago

Poor droids so jealous of Forza while watching GT fail

hac-hunter4924d ago

94 Celica GT4....not bad, not bad at all...wonder what else they got?
Anyone seen the FULL car list yet?
If so, can you point me in the right direction?

JOLLY14924d ago

That Celica is filthy.

hac-hunter4924d ago

Please explain "filthy"...
Guess jap cars ain't your thing?
American Muscle for you I guess?

To each his own.

JOLLY14924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

Filthy as in sick as heck. It looks rad! sweet! bouted! Maybe "very nice" is more your lingo. I pretty sure that my STi is what most people would consider "American Muscle" right?

*EDIT* da bomb!!!! (80's reference)
I also like to say gross in a positive way

hac-hunter4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I just never heard of "filthy" used in a positive context before....I usually associate "filthy" with something negative like...."She's a filthy wh0re!"....that's new to me thats all.
Things come across different on the internet.

sick, rad, wicked, it's all good.

Nope, I didn't know you had an STi, and no, I don't consider that American muscle...unless you somehow found a way to shoehorn an LS1 in there or something, then it'd be some god like amalgamation between jap and american automotive engineering (v8 power with awesome grip would actually make a good combo).
I've seen some LS1 powered FD3S's and they're hot too!

I'm a fan of all cars....more jap/euro previously, but I'm beginning to love the American pony cars more and more....especially the Camaro now since those long 2 hour Megan Fox/Camaro commercials (Transformers) came out.

JOLLY14924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I am way more Japanese/European also. I like Megan Fox, but even she can't sway me to a camaro.

hac-hunter4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I guess we agree to disagree....
The Camara ain't's really grown on me.
I hated it at first...but then slowly (ever since those damn commercials I tell ya) it began to grow on me...

not even the hennessey camaro???

But I really like the new stangs....oh god that is hot.
Roush/Saleen stangs are insane.

The Challengers are a bit to "big and heavy" for my liking....but I've seen some nice "upped" Challengers (Hennessey again).

Megan Fox can sell me a Tata Nano hahahha

FlameBaitGod4924d ago

So upset that this awesome looking game hasnt even reached the 150% degrees

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deshon094924d ago

race game on the 360 wooo car is ugly though but i love that old school ford

Halo3 MLG Pro4924d ago

Definitely going to retire Halo 3 for this game. Forza 3 FTW!!!!!!

MetalGearBear 4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

u know Forza 3 has 2 disc, 400 cars, no night, few weather, 8 players online and 1,000+ DLC for future. good luck.

JOLLY14924d ago

What is the point of your post deaf?

Tinted Eyes4924d ago

but it will be good obviously

All Time Greatness4924d ago

Deafphat= Jealous Nasim

Keep crying Nasim, we'll have this AAA beauty in 2-3 months.

You'll surely be bawling your jealous eyes out when reviews start to roll in. :)

cyberwaffles4924d ago

lol why does everyone have those big boss avatars?

also, the game is going to be great regardless. i'm not a huge racing fan, but it looks really good. anyone who complains about the graphics are stupid.

however, it's really not definitive when another racing sim is doing a little bit more. like twice as many cars on a track online. not saying 8 online isn't fun, but it really shows which console is doing more work. GT5 is literally doing twice the calculations and physics for the cars so in this aspect, forza 3 is definitely not definitive. forza is also not sporting as many cars as GT5 so in this aspect it's not definitive. forza 3 does have a really cool car editor thing so that's something forza 3 has over GT5.

forza 3 will be a great game, but there's a reason why these devs shouldn't be calling it definitive when the competition is still doing more than them in a lot of ways.

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