Heavenly Sword EGM Article Hits The Net

The June issue of EGM will hit news stands May 8th, but their Heavenly Sword article has been scanned and has hit the internet.

In the article, Sony CEA Producer Kyle Shubel shares how truly fluid the combat system feels when fighting as Nariko.

"We've got a level of grace and fluidity in our combat. You move in like a dance-like state where you're doing a lot of complex maneuvers, and the more crazy stuff you execute, the more style points you accumulate."

He goes on to describe some of the gruesome moves Nariko can perform once her style points get to a certain level. Let's just say they're very "Goddess of War"-ish. And in case you were wondering, yes there will be SixAxis integration.

"If you pick up a shield, you can throw it, and if you hold down the button, you'll go into this flying camera with the shield and maneuver it while it's in midair. Same goes with shooting the crossbow."

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The General4191d ago

Can't wait until this game comes out. Definitely a game i'll be picking up for my ps3.

Violater4191d ago

Id that we get it here in the US before u do deep :P

The General4191d ago

as long as it comes to the US first

techie4191d ago

shut up shut up shut up! It's made down the road from me! I will get it first suckers!

daomay4191d ago

If I am stuck at work when this game come out....

Im gonna send me grandma to pick it up for me...Launch in Australia first....cause all the SFX is made in new zealand lol

da kiwi are our neighbour

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drtysouf214191d ago

All this news about HS is making me mad............because the game isn't out yet and i have to keep hearing such great things about it which makes me want it more and more and more.................I want this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShAkKa4191d ago

im looking forward for this. wow this maybe could be the best year for gamers in a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.