Might Want To Wash That 360 Once You Get It Home

Storage space can be an issue when you have plenty of product, but limited floor space.

Kotaku has a picture of the "storage room" of one of their reader's local GameStop.

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Maddens Raiders4222d ago

is a joke. I avoid that store like the plague.

presto7174222d ago

I agree man. EVERYTHING at Gamestop is overpriced. Used games cost almost the same as brand new ones. I'm surprised anyone even goes there.

NaiNaiNai4222d ago

Yea used games do cost almost the same as new ones, just like new cars cost almost the same as a new one.

Or you can go online, surf for hours and hours, and find that one cheap copy of the game saving you 10$, then ordering it, waiting 2 days to 2 weeks for it to make it to you, and then you find out, A. they sent you the wrong game. B. the game is scratched. C. its the wrong game. D. you actually liked it.


TheDude2dot04221d ago

I don't get it. Why would anyone need to wash their 360? It is obviously packaged, unless someone really needs a clean box.

Paralex4221d ago

I agree. Gamestop will buy your used games for like $5 then put them on the shelves $5 below retail prices at $54.99. They don't follow MSRP when the manufacturers lower the prices. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon all have your back.

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Mr_Bun4222d ago

And to think, I've been worrying about the Red Rings instead of the brown blobs

presto7174222d ago

Just where it belongs. Lol

TheMART4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

Well at least the 360 gets stored everywhere in the shops because they sell.

The POS3 shipped from Sony's factory's is brought directly to the refuse-dump, because Gameshops doesn't want to store stuff that doesn't sell.

presto7174222d ago

But all I see now is a bunch of 360s sitting in a toilet.

DelbertGrady4222d ago

Reminds me of how Killzone 2's sales got flushed down the drain.

TheMART4222d ago

Yes, this was just after shipment arrived after closing hours. Next day they got all of them sold.

Thats the sales since the price drop of the 360 in September 2008, the recession kicked in etc. We can see clearly the 360 sold 2 mln. units more in the same time world wide. Which explains the fact that the gap again has been made bigger after the PS3 first sold pretty good to the hardcore gamer and now that those have bought a PS3 the sales dropped.

Tinted Eyes4222d ago

thats bad sales?

lol you salesbots are halarious

BX814222d ago

Funny droid! Did you see the PS3 sitting next to the toilet? Of course not, you were too much in a rush to type something you thought would be funny. You fail my friend. Oh, and they're sitting on the toilet not in it. Good try.

talltony4222d ago

Wow! You have an excuse for everything dont you. Too bad it doesnt change the fact that this is still a article about dirty 360's in a Gamestop bathroom!.

JeffGUNZ4222d ago (Edited 4222d ago )

View the image larger, there is a PS3 box to the right, but I guess no one wants to see that over here with the SDF. This isn't an article bashing systems, it's taking a jab at Gamestop.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4222d ago

Red 'RING' of Death??? PAINFUL!!! ;-D

blackbeld4222d ago

Yep.... The ThreeSh!tty belongs in the toilet... !!

AngryTypingGuy4221d ago

Why? Is it made in Japan or Mexico?

Amp4221d ago

Learning early what he does best now :P

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