Joystiq reply to Jaffe's Swearing at Joystiq who erked Jaffe

Joystiq are feeling a little sorry for themselves after Jaffe battled them as an unnamed website...but their wit has not been battered down just yet.

"Dear David (can we call you David? We hope so ...),

We could be very wrong, of course, but we're pretty sure the "unnamed" website that drove you to swear off blogging was (the potentially French) Joystiq, and we think we know why."

Read on for their "apology".

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Dlacy13g4187d ago

pretty comical stuff...this whole little fued brought a smile to my face.

techie4187d ago

Understand how a title can be changed to be more informative than the original's allowed and should be used more often (when you know how)

Bill Nye4187d ago

Um. Most awkward title ever.

techie4187d ago

deliberately awkward. It's an awkward situation, don't you think I thought about that? Point is, is for it to inform and to amuse...since it is a reply, to a reply, to a reply.

btkadams4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )


The #!*?tards Your pals at Joystiq"

gotta love the media. they really know how to write. anyways i do agree that jaffe totally misunderstood what they wrote, but whatever. its not like jaffes gonna go back on what he said now lol. he dug his hole and he will be in there for a while.

WORD OF ADVICE: Don't fight the media, you will never win.

Apocalypse Shadow4187d ago

deserved it.and they still can't man up.

real journalists there at joystiq.

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