The Surprising Success of Puzzle Quest

Released in March for the Nintendo DS and PSP, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords was an overnight success with consumers and media. A version has just been announced for Xbox Live, and the thought of scoring Achievements makes IGN hungry to start playing the game all over again from level one.

IGN recently chatted with the game's developer, Infinite Interactive, and publisher, D3, about the success of Puzzle Quest, the future of the franchise, and other projects currently in the pipeline. Infinite was even charitable enough to provide some tips and strategies for Puzzle Quest success.

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JeSsMaN3334284d ago

For anyone who enjoys RPG games... This game is really quite good. I am a FF and Diablo II junkie, and Puzzle Quest for the DS is ridicously addictive. If you've been looking for a new game to pick up i recommend this one... The "bejewled" element adds just enough randomness to make the game competitively hard.
If you enjoy FF and Diablo type games... as an avid gamer... this one is good =]

wulfgar884283d ago

this game was money well spent. i have devoted quite a bit of time to it and like my fellow gamer above me this game presents the whole "just one more quest" mentality which is what makes this game addictive. and yeah the bejeweled aspect adds a bit of a challenge due to the randomness ( the computer gets 4 in a row far to often....) but thats what makes this game great. i recommend it to anyone who has looked to take casual gaming further, and to any die hard rpg fans out there. this is a great game to have on the go and hasnt left my DS since i picked it up. btw "Jessman" my knight could so wreck your knight hahaha

GamerMan4283d ago

I've been killing this game... of course I've been playing my console but when I'm watching TV or relaxing I will grab the game.. although if I'm trying to relax this game really can actually frustrate you... This game has all the great features of a RPG game but it's great for casual gamers also. I have let some casual gamers create their own character while I'm playing my console and they are so into it they don't even look up.

I would never of thought that a bejeweled style game and RPG could be put together but it was executed very well.

Definitely if you can get your grubby hands on this game do it.. you will not be dissappointed.