Wii: Madden '10 Vs. Madden '09 Screens

NowGamer: EA has revealed the change in graphical style between between it's NFL titles

Despite a more cartoon-ish approach in the latest Madden game, these side-by-side comparisons actually show that 2010's new look isn't all that dramatically different to previous outings - the caricaturing is certainly more subtle than the last FIFA Street anyway.

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akaFullMetal3721d ago

why does it look all cartoony?

EvilTwin3721d ago

Apparently EA decided that rather than push the Wii for Madden, they'd just clean up the PS2-esque visuals and exaggerate the body types to pass it off as a "graphics overhaul."

It isn't. Some of the screen caps DO look less jaggy and cleaner overall, but that's not exactly Earth shaking.

The only reason to get this version is to have the Call Your Shot feature on defense. CYS is a fantastic audible feature on Wii, IMO. But if you can live without it for D, better off with last year's version...

fatstarr3721d ago

they decided that "team fortress 2" look was the cheapest one to produce. why push the wii. lol why give a homeless dog A+ dog food when it gobbles down D- dog food.

ill stick to the "wiisually" appealing games