Uncharted Artist Richard Diamant Interview and New Images

Here's an interview with Richard Diamant, the Lead Character Artist of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune at Naughty Dog. He has also provided some models of the two leads from the game.

"3DTotal : What is your main role at naughty dog?
Rich : I was initially hired as a character artist but was quickly promoted to Lead Character Artist, in charge of overseeing anything character related. I deal mostly with character pipelines and coming up with both new and innovative ideas. I also get the honor of working on all of the main characters in the game.

3DTotal : How does it compare to previous jobs you have had?
Rich : Naughty Dog is on the forefront of technology which allows me to be on the forefront of next generation character development. I've never actually been at a place that is all about setting new standards and has the means of doing so. Naughty Dog also has an amazing relationship with Sony, which allows us almost complete control of how our game turns out. The freedom we have to explore and innovate is truly amazing."

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power of Green 4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

That dude got skill. The actual game art isn't bad at all, its up there with Infernal for the 360.

#2 lol. Game seems great no doubt about that(fun, involved gameplay, with some depth) it will improve but what you said made me chuckle a little.

techie4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Tis the old ingame one (2005) ...just wanted to give you an idea of where they are moving

Well pog. I know that it has a stupid amount of AA and the lighting is good, BUT...the polygon count appears to be the's all texture and lighting. His (and her) face have changed a bit as well.

Can't wait to see his face animating as I play...getting angry when he's shooting someone, annoyed when he trips up and stumbles. Scared and angry at the same time....ah dynamic animation and AI - bring it on! :)

VirtualGamer4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

For some reason the story does not load it opens a new page and just hangs. Deep you have the actuall URL so I can try that way as I would really like to read this.

EDIT: Ok managed to get there by just going to Now all links work, strange..anyway off to read.

jay24189d ago

Nice find, but I wish we could have found out more about this game, I found the 1st page a wast of time. Once again, good find.

techie4189d ago

lol...ok. Sorry. I've had the interview for a while, should I not have bothered?

There's some nice stuff in there...about how he was going to work on Project Offset...but that Naughty Dog's Uncharted "blew everything else away"...

VirtualGamer4189d ago

It does not go into alot of detail but it definately has peaked my interest in this game even more. With the talent and attitude like this guy has and what he says about Naughty Dog you know this game is going to be something amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.