RealNetworks Q1 Game Sales Climb 29 Percent

Online media company RealNetworks has announced its 2007 first quarter financial results, with a record $129.5 million in sales, $23.9 of which from its games division, up 29 percent over Q1 2006.

The companies sales break down as $34.1 million (up 18% from Q1 2006) from online music, $23.9 million (up 28% from Q1 2006) from games, $44.4 million (up 277% from Q1 2006) from its technology products, and $27.0 million (down 1% from Q1 2006) from its media software.

Overall, the company saw 40 million in profit, just up from its prior quarter of $39.3 million, and up from its Q1 2006 profits of $24.9 million.

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