Gameinformer: Madden NFL 2010 Review

A real standout is the game's gang tackles, which allow some control in moving the pile, but at the same time is not too powerful. Gameinformer is a big fan of the optional minigame to recover fumbles, as well as the controller rumble alerting QBs in the pocket and the effectiveness of cornerbacks' tight coverage – complete with hand fighting. Gameinformer dosen't think the game hits on all the gameplay improvements that the developer touted in its pre-release blogs, but it feels good to be playing Madden again.

The time spent on the gameplay is not without its sacrifices, but if the dev team had to forfeit the player training feature to devote more time to give gamers presentation that is the best in the franchise and close to the revered NFL 2K5, then Gameinformer is glad. Gameinformer would rather see the referees discussing potential TDs, post-whistle pileups, injury carts, first-down ­measurements, and coach meltdowns, thank you very much.

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cpuchess3716d ago

I love all the improvements to this game. The addition of the half-time and post game shows add a lot. Though I do hope they expand on the idea. The graphics are the best I have seen in a football game by a mile. Can't wait until Friday...

mnw2853715d ago

madden 05 to me was and still is the best madden to date.. then, the menus were so easy to navigate, as you could just click on a player and have a sub-menu of options to choose from such as name/remove player captain, negotiate contract, and many other things... however, as i find with the previous 2 editions is that i am forced to back out of the view roster menu and choose something else. When you are into tweaking teams as much as i am, you find it to be a bit annoying and slow. another thing i like to do is search positions by key skills, such as catch for WR or speed for CBs, but it seems as soon as i click on someone or change positions, the tab defaults and then i have to click on the top to re-classify all over again.. anyways.. as far as franchise goes.. what ever happened to total control as in 05'? why can't control parking and admission prices? or jerseys and other apparel? i'm happy they have the show with fran charles, it reminds me of the radio in 05 with scores and updates. anyways.. basically all i'm saying is make the menus faster and more user-friendly and please give us more control in franchise mode!