PirateThom5038d ago

I wish they made Dino Crisis 3... I always liked that series more than Resident Evil.

This gen lacks a good dinosaur killing game.

deadreckoning6665038d ago (Edited 5038d ago )

Is it me or is Sony making the biggest comeback ever seen in the gaming industry?!?! Im waitin on that Japanese Porn service too

forgot my password5038d ago

they did make dino crisis 3 it was on the xbox

40cal5038d ago

I'm going to need more memory for my PSP.

rbluetank5038d ago


dino crisis 3 sucked big time!!! do you mean dino crisis 2? d2 was by far the best of the series. it had a nice rpg feel to it and the dinosuar were way better then d1 or d3. the camera angle was really bad in d3 and other bad stuff in d3 made it the wosrt of the series to me. in dino crisis2 you could upgrade your weapons and you had counter attacks for combos/extra points stuff.... i will be buying dino crisis 2

dino crisis 3

dino crisis 2

-MD-5038d ago

Dino Crisis 3 was on xbox.

Jaces5038d ago

wOOt on Dino Crisis!

I loved that game. Also excited for the resident evils, I never played the old ones so this'll be good to catch up on.

Wolf8735038d ago (Edited 5038d ago )

This gen needs a good dino game, not like that of MH but a real dino game. And what better franchise than Dino Crisis. I seriously hope that Dino Crisis sells well on PSN so that it'll show Capcom that people still care about it.

*Edit: I think he meant a definitive Dino Crisis 3, the one on Xbox was crap as far as the story goes. The story was left on a cliffhanger in DC 2.

Raoh5038d ago

a new dino crisis would be awesome. its a weird game in the sense that people either hated it or loved it.. i loved it...

ThanatosDMC5038d ago

I hope Dino Crisis 2 come also... i kinda liked it better than the first though i did like making darts a lot.

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-EvoAnubis-5038d ago

Meh, Sweet, and Nice, in that order.

callahan095038d ago

I'd go sweet, meh, and nice, personally.

beavis4play5038d ago

can't wait to revisit this classic!

Sangria5038d ago

Games we will never see in Europe. We're still waiting for Metal Gear Solid after all.

Lucreto5038d ago

We might here something next week at GamesCom about MGS on the store.

DaTruth5038d ago

Damn, that's cold. Can't blame them though, they have to account for 20 languages.

I had a friend from Serbia; And he asked me if blah blah blah still played the voice of Snake in MGS4. So I said, David Hayter is the voice of Snake, and then I realized that he is probably played by someone else in Europe. He must have played it in English because we wouldn't be having that conversation if he didn't.