Assassin's Creed: Scans Gallore

Many scans for Assassin's Creed have now been released.

Be sure to follow the link below to view them all.

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decapitator4189d ago

I think these scans are from an old build but damn still this game still got it.

Akama Goolagong4189d ago

i think that this racist

decapitator4189d ago

What kinda of comment is that ?

Zidandy4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )


The Real Joker4189d ago

I thinks it is as racist as I yeah its pretty racist.

BitbyDeath4189d ago

I just really hope the gameplay lives up, does look great in the videos though

TriggerHappy4189d ago

are you guys talking about ? Hows is this game Racist ? I misundertand, Explain.

ItsDubC4189d ago

I assume Akama is just messing around, judging from his/her forum posts.

SmokeyMcBear4189d ago

asking akama to explain himself is racist

TriggerHappy4189d ago

i think i get this, you telling me that asking akama is racism in Akamas view right ?:DD

neogeo4189d ago

This is just another game that is, the white man trying to keep the black man down!

I wont take it any longer!

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