360 Queenz theme too mature for Marketplace

It looks like Microsoft put their foot down and stopped the sexually charged 360 Queenz theme and gamer pictures from making it to the XBLM. Deacon, the guy who posted the exclusive 360 Queenz preview, updated the Unscripted 360 community saying that "Microsoft isn't going to release it for whatever reason. too provocative? please. if this is too provocative then i'm at a loss for words". So, it's looking like those painted 360 girls won't be coming to an XBLM near you, because Microsoft thinks the whole thing reeks of bad taste.

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Sphinx4185d ago

which sorta sucks. Oh well... I could always set whatever I want by connecting my 360 to my PC.

Black Republican4185d ago


if someone know's how to they should recomend this to MS, I think it would be a cool thing to be able to do.

Firewire4185d ago

Not suprised! But I think MS is doing the right thing here! There are or at least seem to be alot of children or young people on live, from my experience anyways.
How would there parents feel if they saw this!
Also many more girls are casual gamers nowadays , so how would they feel about this!
Like I said good move by MS!

calderra4185d ago

Talk about timing, too. Sony parades very-nearly-bare-breasted women and a decapitated goat around a media event, and Microsoft rightly blocks something that really is decently raunchy.

I mean c'mon... on Marketplace?

mcgrawgamer4185d ago

Just save the pictures to your desktop and set them as as backgrounds via windows media connect. This is a good move by Msoft. Even if we as mature gamers take these pictures as light weights. The parents out their on the fence with their kids playing games whom I like to call Jack Thompsonites could see this as offensive for their kids. In a effort to be proactive Microsoft simply won't release the themes.

INehalemEXI4185d ago

my gf woulda been pissed if she saw them girls on my blades anyway, She dont even like those Team DZN girls on my blades :(

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