ZTGD: Madden NFL 10 Review

ZTGD writes: "Madden NFL 10 is a fantastic addition to the series, and quite possibly the best football game ever created. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of Sundays then there is little to no reason not to pick up this game. If you have been in denial since the disappearance of ESPN NFL 2K5, this is the year to finally let it go. Madden NFL 10 is exactly what fans have been asking for, and what non-fans have needed to get them on board. If EA Tiburon can continue this trend of excellence, Madden will continue to be the only choice you will ever need".

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man0fsteel5461d ago (Edited 5461d ago )

and I can't believe i'm admitting this... This year's Madden might be a special one

Armyless5461d ago

That I dive back into the franchise

Maddens Raiders5461d ago

I'll see you in Oakland and elsewhere buddy.

Dammit EA, you're gonna get my money again.

JonnyBigBoss5461d ago

Okay, now I am for sure getting this game. Looks too good to pass up as an NFL fan.

locos855461d ago

Game look good but I still wont drop $60 on another yearly installment of Madden. I will wait for a sale to pick it up. Anyways I'm still plenty busy with MLB 09: The Show.

SmokeyMcBear5461d ago

gah... im sure you just worded this wrong... but..."... mostly so I could take my Raiders back to the Super Bowl for the fourth time."

Im sure you meant take them back to the super bowl for the sixth time... or something like..."mostly so I could have my Raiders hoist the Super Bowl trophy for the fourth time" All in all.. good review... and I keep playing the demo over and over.

ZeroTolerance5461d ago

Sorry I meant to win, I try to forget the ones we lost :)

SmokeyMcBear5461d ago

touche'... but without those... you can's say the Raiders have been in a championship game (one AFC in the 90's) in every decade starting in the 60's.

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Borrowed games, a coffee cup, and the true meaning of Christmas

What do a coffee cup and borrowed video games have to do with the real meaning of Christmas? Lots, apparently.

THR1LLHOUSE4596d ago

Aw, a very nice little story.

NagaSotuva4596d ago

I was in love with the story until Madden came up.

lorianguy4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Unlike at Christmas time, leaving a coffee stain on the case of a borowwed game causes large amounts of abuse from my friends.

Careful where you put your coffee!

But that was a very nice story, it seems you have made Jake a very happy boy :)


Cleveland Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis Latest Victim Of The Madden Curse

When it comes to sports curses, aside from the Chicago Cubs, there’s no more active superstition than the Madden curse. Since 1999, almost every year something bad has happened to the cover athlete of Electronic Arts’ bestselling Madden NFL franchise. Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis is the latest victim of this curse.