Kotaku: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo Impressions

After about a dozen run-throughs of the newly released PLAYSTATION 3 demo version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Kotaku has made up their mind. "Ninja Gaiden Sigma is awesome."

The review goes on to state:

"Graphically, the game looks stellar, as it always has. Team Ninja has taken advantage of the step-up in processing power and turned in a 1080p masterpiece. While there are elements of the visual presentation that hearken back to their original Xbox heritage, the reworked textures and subtle lighting and shadowing effects hide any minor flaws the game has.

Personally, I prefer the layout of the DualShock/SIXAXIS to any of the Xbox controllers, so the game's controls felt even tighter this go 'round. However, some players may miss the force feedback used to great effect in Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black."

More on Kotaku's impression of Ninja Gaiden Sigma after the jump.

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The General4189d ago

I had a great time playing the demo and even though i've played Ninja Gaiden on xbox, I will defintely fork over the sixty dollars for this game. Kudos to Team Ninja for making this game a reality on the ps3 and i will also be looking forward to Ninja Gaiden 2 regardless of what console it comes out for.

Robotz Rule4189d ago

I loved the demo I downloaded from the Playstation Store!

Looking forward to buying this gem.

Scrumptious4189d ago

Maybe the original xbox version was too good. The upgrades in graphics are not as impressive as I was expecting. I aslo find the xbox controller better for this game than the dualshock. Any Sony fanboy should buy this game at once. But if you've played it on xbox or the 360 BC, the difference is minor and not worth another $60.

sajj3164188d ago

Can you describe minor differences while you are at it too?

BubblesDAVERAGE4189d ago

I'm up to the "very hard" mode and I played with rachel on that one mode I cant remember what it is..the game is pretty much the same but if u never played it you should play it.Also the game looks amazing.This generation looks like a cut scene from last generation not really much of a leap

kewlkat0074189d ago

Seems like I don't need to get it for the PS3. I'll wait for the next version. I love the 360 controller + rumble ya can't beat it. This game does get hard tho, it reminds me back in the days where bosses were actually tough and it took more than 3 combos and a special move to beat. I like these type of games, more of a challenege. I hope DMC is just as hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.