Forza Motorsport 2 Demo Release Date Leaked

An email from Microsoft that's in finnish has announced the date of the Forza Motorsport 2 demo. According to the email the demo will be out May 4th.


Hey guys i'm sorry to announce that this was actually a typo in the Microsoft Newsletter they mixed up the European release date for Forza Motorpsort 2 and the demo release date for the Spiderman 3 demo. The other language versions of the newsletter confirm this sorry guys.

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T-Virus4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

What's the date, May 4th?

Edit: After further examination, I saw it said "Englih translation- May 4th" at the bottom.

gta_cb4185d ago

yay! i cant wait to try this out! i have NEVER played a forza game, but with what i have heard/seen i am really looking forward to it :P

P4KY B4185d ago

Its like being a kid and waiting for christmas day.

Have to think of a good excuse to leave work early on friday.

INehalemEXI4185d ago

wo0ho0 Friday , wish it was friday today doh.

slugg4185d ago

The demo, according to the Forza 2 website, can't be sent for certification until the game has gone gold, and I haven't heard that announcement yet. While I am sure they will fast-track the certification process, my guess is the demo won't be out until mid-week next week. But, I hope I am wrong....

FordGTGuy4185d ago

certification they said the demo can't be launch onto the marketplace until the game turns Gold.

ASSASSYN 36o4185d ago

I hate driving games I think 90% of them end up being boring after a week or two of playing...but, for some reason I want this game. I can`t wait to play this game and mod a Dodge Charger SRT 8 to perfection.

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The story is too old to be commented.