New Tiger Woods 08 Screenshots

EA posted some new screens today from the Xbox 360 version of Tiger Woods 08. The graphics are on par, if not slightly better than last year's title.

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fiercescuba4189d ago

i hope they bring the sasquatch back like in tiger 05 on the 17th of the wooded course

ER1X4189d ago

Played so many they all run together.

He was in 2004 and 2006 at Sahalee. 2005 he was in Edgewood, I believe.

Prolly in 07 just haven't played it in a while to remember 100%.

VirtualGamer4189d ago

Am I the only one that's disappointed in the graphics for this game? For games that are suppost to take advantage of next gen systems I don't really see any kind of major jump in graphics for this game compared to what was on the Xbox and PS2. I am glad to see EA moved this to a different studio to maybe give it some fresh legs but still I just feel that for being on the 360 and PS3 we should see better graphics then we are. Compared to other games designed to take advantage of the next gen hardware this game just doesn't do it for me.

Diselage4189d ago

Graphiclly isn't the game suppose to get better, i don't see anything special that they've done with it for the last year. EA is getting really lazy now.

kring4189d ago

this is the worst looking graphics I've seen in 5 years of any game on any console. is this for a nintendo DS? certainly that's not for the 360...

GamerMan4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Are you kidding me .. I got TW '07 and the graphics were the same as the PS2 to be honest... everything seemed very flat in graphics... if it's only slightly better then most likely this game will not be on my plate for the '08 version...

***Edit*** I do want to say it did not detract me from having fun with the game.. just the statement irked me a bit .. that's all

Syko4189d ago

Hell it could be in black in white for all I care. They just better not drop the ball on the online portion AGAIN! I have been a top 25 ranked player for the past two years and quit playing 07' 2 months after it came out because the online was horrible and pretty much unplayable. Stats broken, team play didn't work, 3 and 4 player matches froze and didn't score right, etc., etc. I gave them 06' since it was a launch title but 07' was unforgivable. Hopefully this new studio will actually care, but I have given up hope for EA and pray someone picks up Links again or makes a game like it.

EA = Garbage Re-hashed Games...

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The story is too old to be commented.