Halo Science 101

Gamasutra has an interesting look at the Halo verse and is in-depth enough to pose a few questions on where the series may go next. Much of the article actualy focuses on the real life possiblities of a Halo-like structure.

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kingofps34279d ago

I wonder how many of you guys are doing your PhDs in Halo Science :P

Hayabusa 1174279d ago

Interesting reading. A good article.

grifter0244278d ago

Ehh.. It really doesnt talk about the Story elemnt .. More about What the comparisons are from real life and Halo Universe .. It's a good waste of time.. But whatever.. Most people that play the game might not really care that the Scorpion Tank's shell takes a different velocity approach in the Halo universe as opposed to Real life.. Good read but you gotta understand what your reading to understand.. LOl..