Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive Transfer Issues

So here's a nice little problem with the transfer process for the 120GB hard drive on the Xbox 360. While transferring data, if you disconnect anything, the process stops and dumps you back to the dashboard. This includes HDMI handshaking when using the Elite. So if you change the input on your TV or turn off your TV, the process stops.

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God of Gaming4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Well now we know... dont mess with anything while its doing its thing

gta_cb4185d ago

ok will i spose its understandable to a certain effect as there will be a chance of something being corrupt if your using your system etc but still it doesnt effect me as i am keeping my Premium for ages to come

fiercescuba4185d ago

so i cant watch Good Times while my HDD is transferring?

DJ4185d ago

The issues just keep stacking up. We're not even allowed to switch to something else on our TVs?

calderra4185d ago

I just discovered that blowing up my house while my PS3 is transferring data causes the hard drive to become unusable! PS3 IS SO BUGGY OMG SONY IS DEAD!!!

Haha, just kidding. I don't own a PS3.

PhinneousD4185d ago

are gamers these day really that a.d.d. that they can't just wait.

Dukester1014185d ago

I guess this is more fuel to feed to the Sony fanboys... thanks MS for giving them more fuel...

I love the Xbox 360, I'll never by a PS brand product, but MS doesnt seem to be doing to well w/ their QA and CS

ItsDubC4185d ago

Is this really that big of a deal? Can't you just start the transfer and then go to bed? Or better yet, go outside and play sports or something.

crazyman4185d ago

But if we go outside, the big scary ball of fire will get us :)

but to be honest it maybe a slight annoyance but you'll only ever do it once so where exactly is the problem. why not come here and post intelligent and insightful comments.....(on second thoughts I guess not :) )

tethered4180d ago

I hear the graphics outside are great.
You all should check them out some time.

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The story is too old to be commented.