Mario Included in NES Punch-Out!! Without Miyamoto's Permission

1UP writes:
"While topics ranged from the creation of the series up to the latest game recently released on Wii, the most interesting revelations came from designer Makoto Wada, as he finally revealed two of the greatest secrets never before known about Punch-Out!! on the NES.
For starters, Wada admitted for the first time that Mario was included as the referee without getting consent from Shigeru Miyamoto..."

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KILLERAPP4372d ago

No one cares, when you create something new come talk to me.

jessehaysfl4372d ago

its just funny, this story has been up on kotaku for two one picked it up, it hits 1up and someone posts........

Crazy that no one did care yet you got two disagrees....

Crazy world we live in.

JD_Shadow4372d ago

As I understood it, Miyamoto wasn't all that crazy about Donkey Kong Country when it was first being developed, but quickly changed his tune when he saw how successful it became. Thus, I think Miyamoto has let a LOT of people use his creations in other Nintendo games without his consent, as long as they stay true to his vision.

@KILLERAPP: If you don't care, then why did you comment telling us that you didn't care?

KILLERAPP4372d ago

Because am bored and this was I could do.