Linux for PS3 now includes Wi-Fi

Yellow Dog developers has put up with a newer version of linux for the ps3, which supports new updates including wifi...head on over to the link to read more.

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bigmack4185d ago

im gonna play guitar hero..

Odion4185d ago

Lol oh Linux you'll never be anything more then an after thought.

gta_cb4185d ago

lol well linux is pretty cool, and especially with it being FREE!!!! lol

QuackPot4185d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Good to see Sony & IBM aren't idiots.

Enough with 3p distributions. They can never better an OS from the manufacter itself.

Sony really has to stop pi$$ing around and simply develop their own sleek, fast, optimized Linux distribution AND have it installed already so that we can use our Ps3s as a miniPC from get go. They know their hardware, inside out, and will have RSX enabled.

So long as they could licence any game$ developed for it, Sony Linux OS could eventually replace GameOS meaning no more need to dual boot.

Wow. What a future. Bring on the Ps4,5,6....and down with Winblow$.

Snake_Doctor4185d ago

what I have been waiting for... for the Ubuntu version. But I may give YDL a try since it seems to get more support from Sony on the PS3 Linux development efforts.

jahcure4185d ago

This is all i was waitig on myself. I don't use wired internet to my ps3 so this is a big plus for me and it was all i was waiting for before i installed any linux on my ps3. Now that this is done, here comes the addition of another browsing computer to my house.

warfed4185d ago

YDL sucks ... YUM sucks... stick to ubuntu, they'll update their drivers soon

Satanas4185d ago

Agree. Waiting on Ubuntu WiFi. THEN Linux will interest me. (Already alloted 10 gigs.)

BIadestarX4185d ago

I am hoping Sony unlocks the graphics card eventually.