Don't Pirate Modern Warfare 2

From HDWarriors.com:

For those who are angry but plan to play Activision's games anyway, it seems that their plan of attack is Piracy. All over the message boards of the gaming community, in private conversations, and the like, apparently this is the intent of many. Today we at HDWarriors (as much as we stand with you in outrage over where attitudes like Activision's lead) implore you not to Pirate Activision games in response. As far as making them hear our displeasure goes, there is a better way.

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Pandamobile5427d ago

Until it's priced like a normal game, I'll still pirate it.

Cobalt405427d ago

I don't want it cause I'm cheap. I want it because Activision is the new EA and bobbi boy is the evil emperor. Just remember bobbi, this is for you.

kaveti66165427d ago

Why don't you just boycott it? If you pirate the game you are hurting Infinity Ward permanently. If you wait for the games price to drop before paying for it, you will help Infinity Ward (hopefully) and hurt Activision (again, hopefully).

Xistan5427d ago

Not the Pc version. Devs are already hesitating to put games on pc, we wouldnt want to worsen that with massive pc pirating, so Pirate the 360 version more.

Pandamobile5427d ago

How is pirating the game going to hurt IW more than simply not buying it?

And I'll torrent the 360 version too. Just because.

Timesplitter145427d ago

The price isn't even a slight problem for me. It's the game itself. I won't touch this game because I don't want to support generic military shooters. I want more games with stories, strategy or role-playing, which are a dieing breed.

adsaidler5427d ago

count me in! i'll "buy" it as soon as it gets "released" :D

5427d ago
vickers5005427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )


Then get off this article and go play one of those games. There are plenty of them out there. Game companies don't exist to cater to YOUR every whim. Game companies usually make what they are good at, and generally are not multi-talented, but they make the best of what they specialize in.

Go play Valkryia Chronicles or completely finish Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Oh right, I forgot, you are here to troll, not give out constructive criticism. My bad. Continue with the trolling I guess.

edit* How about you actually respond to my points, and tell me how they are wrong? Activision was not made to suck your d***. They are great at developing FPS games. Call of Duty 4 was one of the best FPS's ever created, and don't even give me the bullsh*t reason that it was over hyped. The reason it was so well received was because it was good, not because it had hype behind it (which it didn't).And you obviously don't like FPS's so you have no legs to stand on in any fps talk. Seriously, go play an actual game rather than trolling. It's a hell of a lot more fun.

Timesplitter145427d ago

You're the only troll here.

I was about to bubble you down, but then I saw you only have one bubble...

cmrbe5427d ago

Mighty actually work. It might make acti think twice about messing with gamers again. If these publishers know that they will invite piracy with these stupid tatics then it might make them think twice about doing this again. It might work.

For those that are feeling sorry about iw. Don't, I am quite dissapointed with their dead silence on this issue and to think they stood up to EA when some of them were working for EA.

SprSynJn5427d ago

The majority of the twits here would still pirate this game even if it were cheaper than the rest. Why? Because they think Activision, and the world no doubt, owe them. Sad how society works these days.

NeoCloud5427d ago

I think MW2 will one of most pirated games ever.

umair_s515427d ago

While I am not in the favor of pirating games, I will buy a used copy of this.

50CALheadshot5427d ago

the pirate is always right ARRRRRRGGHh.

C_SoL5427d ago

they raise the price.....

Did I miss something??

SuperM5427d ago

lol who wrote this article? First of all pirating is not stealing its copying. Its illegal copying but its not the same as stealing.

Besides we all know gamers suck when it comes to boycotting. Lets be honest, piracy is probably the only way we can make an impact on the sales of Modern Warfare, thus the only way we can stop Activision for overpricing their games. After all its Activisions own fault that we arent buying the game. Ultimately its their stupid descision that is behind your descision of pirating the game.

Lich1205426d ago

How about, people who don't want to spend the money don't get it. Isn't it up to the person selling a product to determine what it's worth. The only reason most of you are saying you won't buy it is because you know you can pirate it.

I'll admit I think game price hikes are greedy with a title like this, but those who pirate it are no better than the greedy companies who practice such antics.

badz1495426d ago

you're missing big time here bro! the petition is on and people are talking about buying it used or simply pirate the game altogether! by the way, here's the petition:


Lumbo5426d ago

No, actually it's up to the buyer to decide the worth of the merchandise, the seller can only tell you what he wants for it, but you decide if it's worth that much by buying it.

Millah5426d ago

I think Spore proved a little something that you don't want to piss off your entire consumer base. MW2 will = most pirated game of 09

And its a shame, because IW is a great developer and doesn't deserve to get caught under their arrogant CEOs idiocy.

Cold 20005426d ago

Why didn't you guys boycott the PS3 since it was clearly overpriced.
Sony considered that it was worth 600$ and just like Activision were pretty greedy because they knew that even at 600$ people would still buy it.

Its exactly the same thing: Activision's boss saying "If I could raise the price higher I would do it"
Sony saying "people will get 2 jobs to buy a PS3"

Why didnt you boycott the PS3 too or hijack a truck of PS3's or something ? Beacuse the PS3 was worth 600$ ?? Well MW2 is worth 65$ ! Unless you've played it and it sucks like no tomorrow.

I personally think MW2 is overpriced and that Activision are being greedy here so I signed the petition but if it doesnt work 'i bet it wont), I simply wont be getting MW2 or I'll get it used or when its cheaper, I wont pirate it.

But look guys MW2 will sell millions and millions and you guys will ses how completely stuck in your little world you are. And how pretty insignificant you are in the gaming industry.

r3xmund15426d ago

I have preorded CoD4-MW-PE but still i see that this article is wan-k