Don't Pirate Modern Warfare 2


For those who are angry but plan to play Activision's games anyway, it seems that their plan of attack is Piracy. All over the message boards of the gaming community, in private conversations, and the like, apparently this is the intent of many. Today we at HDWarriors (as much as we stand with you in outrage over where attitudes like Activision's lead) implore you not to Pirate Activision games in response. As far as making them hear our displeasure goes, there is a better way.


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Pandamobile4973d ago

Until it's priced like a normal game, I'll still pirate it.

Cobalt404973d ago

I don't want it cause I'm cheap. I want it because Activision is the new EA and bobbi boy is the evil emperor. Just remember bobbi, this is for you.

kaveti66164973d ago

Why don't you just boycott it? If you pirate the game you are hurting Infinity Ward permanently. If you wait for the games price to drop before paying for it, you will help Infinity Ward (hopefully) and hurt Activision (again, hopefully).

Xistan4973d ago

Not the Pc version. Devs are already hesitating to put games on pc, we wouldnt want to worsen that with massive pc pirating, so Pirate the 360 version more.

Pandamobile4973d ago

How is pirating the game going to hurt IW more than simply not buying it?

And I'll torrent the 360 version too. Just because.

Timesplitter144973d ago

The price isn't even a slight problem for me. It's the game itself. I won't touch this game because I don't want to support generic military shooters. I want more games with stories, strategy or role-playing, which are a dieing breed.

adsaidler4973d ago

count me in! i'll "buy" it as soon as it gets "released" :D

4973d ago
vickers5004973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )


Then get off this article and go play one of those games. There are plenty of them out there. Game companies don't exist to cater to YOUR every whim. Game companies usually make what they are good at, and generally are not multi-talented, but they make the best of what they specialize in.

Go play Valkryia Chronicles or completely finish Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Oh right, I forgot, you are here to troll, not give out constructive criticism. My bad. Continue with the trolling I guess.

edit* How about you actually respond to my points, and tell me how they are wrong? Activision was not made to suck your d***. They are great at developing FPS games. Call of Duty 4 was one of the best FPS's ever created, and don't even give me the bullsh*t reason that it was over hyped. The reason it was so well received was because it was good, not because it had hype behind it (which it didn't).And you obviously don't like FPS's so you have no legs to stand on in any fps talk. Seriously, go play an actual game rather than trolling. It's a hell of a lot more fun.

Timesplitter144973d ago

You're the only troll here.

I was about to bubble you down, but then I saw you only have one bubble...

cmrbe4973d ago

Mighty actually work. It might make acti think twice about messing with gamers again. If these publishers know that they will invite piracy with these stupid tatics then it might make them think twice about doing this again. It might work.

For those that are feeling sorry about iw. Don't, I am quite dissapointed with their dead silence on this issue and to think they stood up to EA when some of them were working for EA.

SprSynJn4973d ago

The majority of the twits here would still pirate this game even if it were cheaper than the rest. Why? Because they think Activision, and the world no doubt, owe them. Sad how society works these days.

NeoCloud4973d ago

I think MW2 will one of most pirated games ever.

umair_s514973d ago

While I am not in the favor of pirating games, I will buy a used copy of this.

50CALheadshot4973d ago

the pirate is always right ARRRRRRGGHh.

C_SoL4973d ago

they raise the price.....

Did I miss something??

SuperM4973d ago

lol who wrote this article? First of all pirating is not stealing its copying. Its illegal copying but its not the same as stealing.

Besides we all know gamers suck when it comes to boycotting. Lets be honest, piracy is probably the only way we can make an impact on the sales of Modern Warfare, thus the only way we can stop Activision for overpricing their games. After all its Activisions own fault that we arent buying the game. Ultimately its their stupid descision that is behind your descision of pirating the game.

Lich1204973d ago

How about, people who don't want to spend the money don't get it. Isn't it up to the person selling a product to determine what it's worth. The only reason most of you are saying you won't buy it is because you know you can pirate it.

I'll admit I think game price hikes are greedy with a title like this, but those who pirate it are no better than the greedy companies who practice such antics.

badz1494973d ago

you're missing big time here bro! the petition is on and people are talking about buying it used or simply pirate the game altogether! by the way, here's the petition:


Lumbo4973d ago

No, actually it's up to the buyer to decide the worth of the merchandise, the seller can only tell you what he wants for it, but you decide if it's worth that much by buying it.

Millah4973d ago

I think Spore proved a little something that you don't want to piss off your entire consumer base. MW2 will = most pirated game of 09

And its a shame, because IW is a great developer and doesn't deserve to get caught under their arrogant CEOs idiocy.

Cold 20004973d ago

Why didn't you guys boycott the PS3 since it was clearly overpriced.
Sony considered that it was worth 600$ and just like Activision were pretty greedy because they knew that even at 600$ people would still buy it.

Its exactly the same thing: Activision's boss saying "If I could raise the price higher I would do it"
Sony saying "people will get 2 jobs to buy a PS3"

Why didnt you boycott the PS3 too or hijack a truck of PS3's or something ? Beacuse the PS3 was worth 600$ ?? Well MW2 is worth 65$ ! Unless you've played it and it sucks like no tomorrow.

I personally think MW2 is overpriced and that Activision are being greedy here so I signed the petition but if it doesnt work 'i bet it wont), I simply wont be getting MW2 or I'll get it used or when its cheaper, I wont pirate it.

But look guys MW2 will sell millions and millions and you guys will ses how completely stuck in your little world you are. And how pretty insignificant you are in the gaming industry.

r3xmund14973d ago

I have preorded CoD4-MW-PE but still i see that this article is wan-k

vhero4973d ago

Pirate is definetly the only option for me for 360 version....

gaffyh4973d ago

I think people should just pirate the game, copy it loads of times, and then just litter the streets outside Game, EB and Gamestop with the pirated copies.

menoyou4973d ago

I'm not buying it and that's final. The single player looks crappy so I probably won't pirate it either.

andron4973d ago

But I won't buy it at Activisions new premium price either.

So the answer is to wait until the price goes down, not become a pirate and just prove Activisions point. Pirates only contribute to press the price up.

Buy it used if you must, you are at least still contributing to the gaming food chain in some way then.

My anti piracy in gaming comes from witnessing the Amigas downfall, which was partly due to rampant piracy....

badz1494973d ago

no game is worth $65! stupid people like you who is willingly swallow every foul practice like this is making kotick so big headed!

callahan094973d ago

@ Cold2000:

But the PS3 wasn't overpriced, because they priced it lower than the manufacturing cost.

JokesOnYou4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

I can honestly say I have NEVER pirated ANY game. I have friends that do but its always been a strong belief for me that if I want something then I should pay for it. COD4 is one of my favorite games, Modern Warfare 2 is definitely looking like my kind of game but I want to join my fellow gamers and NOT support Activision...I'm not going to pirate the game but I definitely don't want to miss out on MW2. F#$k you Activision for putting me in this position.

We seriously need to fight this, $5 doesn't mean a whole lot to me but I don't like to think about where this could lead for future game prices.


JsonHenry4973d ago

I think it sucks that it is gonna cost a little more, but would be telling a lie if I said I was not gonna buy it.

DaTruth4973d ago

The PS3 was worth $830.00 when it launched. They sold it for $600. That is called a great deal.

Anyway, anyone opposed to the price have waited for the $400 model or are still waiting. I am opposed to the price of a Lamborghini, But if I had 30 million dollars, I would be a little less opposed and maybe enthusiastic; Maybe $600 is a lot for you, but it's not for some of us!

f7897904973d ago

I'm so behind in getting games that I am able to buy games at $40 or less always. I'll buy uncharted 2 when it comes out though.

mastiffchild4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

Why do some of us seem to think that Infinity Ward aren't part of this scam? Have they said ANYTHING to indicate that they have some small seed of sympathy for us UK gamers being scammed like this? No.

They could've easily let it be known if they had a problem with basically stealing from the selfish and ignorant among the UK gaming community in the hope of getting it spread to the rest of the world next time up and they haven't done so. Activision are hardly ikely to drop their biggest cash cow developer, the COD "A" team of IW, are they? No. So their silence means they're complicit in all the dirty deeds Acti are pulling in my country.

Personally I won't pirate the game but as it stands of the now 30 people I've spoken to about this many are happy to do so and WILL happily download a freebie aand wait for either a pre owned for the online or until the stance is dropped. Why on earth should UK gamers ave to give Activision more profit than other nations gamers?

When UK has been hit worse than any other EU nation by the current economic crisis in terms of the GNP shrinking, our econy slowing down and, most importantly huge job losses I find their actions both silly AND despicable. Other luxuries ave been forced down in price and the fact that they're charging more for MW2 means that many people might not be able to stretch to buying further games-say from XBLA or PSN so it's bad for other pubs/devs too.

Whatever, if IW won't say they think this is out of line then why do peope feel the need to think of them as saints here?

EDIT: £5 is nearly 10 dollars btw.

IdleLeeSiuLung4973d ago

I don't believe for one bit the people that pirate it would have bought it at the lower original price. It's hard to compete against free.

Don't pirate, it is stealing period regardless of how you justify it.

Hobadoon4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

And I feel where you guys are coming from but all of this "pirate" and "boycotting" isn't going to effect IW or Activision at all. This game is still going to sell stupid amounts of copies and make an insane amount of money.

Sure it's all fun to believe you're making a change but it's such a minor blip on their radar. It's really only the hardcore goers that follow the industry closely online and off and I don't believe that takes up the larger percentage of those who play video games unfortunately. I dunno, it's kinda like saying "I'm not gonna buy Windows 7. Yeah that'll stick to Bill Gates!" ... End the end, that person still rolls around in buckets of money and you might (MIGHT!) be out of a decent product. (I couldn't say, I'm an apple user).

Either way, what I'm saying is that this needs to be really REALLY spread throughout the masses for it to show any decent effect.

4973d ago
TruthbeTold4973d ago

1. People stay strong and faithful to their commitment not to buy, and don't break.

2. Spread the word like wildfire during online matches of CoD4 and WaW. Let the noobs know why they shouldn't buy MW2 as well. Let them know about better alternatives.

Legally voicing our displeasure, and explaining what's going on is well within our means through the very system we have in place already. That way no one is breaking the law or goes to jail. Gamers aren't painted as scum, and Activision can't use piracy as justification/excuse in the future.

GameGambits4973d ago

Fire that f*cking D-bag and problem solved.

If you show to the consumers that you won't let dingle berries like him be at least in public ear and eye shot, then we know you give a crap about your image to us.

Seriously I'm renting the game when it comes out. I'm also highly thinking about just modding my 360 in general as it should RROD soon. If it does/when it does, after I get it back I'll mod it. No sense to pay for this hunk a junks software if it can bust out on me anytime.

MEsoJD4973d ago

^_^Killzone 2 stole my heart^_^

The new one just doesn't seem that fun.

If anything I'll pirate it on pc just because Activision are bunch of a$$holes.

Chubear4973d ago

lol, the gaming community is all talk and it's mostly BS.

Just watch, all these people saying they'll pirate or buy it used but the game when it launches will move over 5mill on each console it comes out for. Meaning, gamers just talk $#%!.

For me, I've decided to gamefly this puppy for the SP campaign and to support IW that way. Yes, some of my funds go to Activision but I'm doing this mainly for IW. At least Activision won't get 60bucks from me... or is it 90bucks now? I can't keep up with Activision's sudden need for greed.

cmrbe4973d ago

Guys, acti is raising the price of MF2 because they see it as blockbuster game which it is. The question then is. What about other blockbuster games like FF etc ?. Acti is setting a very dangerous precedence with this move. What will stop square or take 2 from raising prices of FF or GTA in the future is acti is successful with this?. This sort of move will have major impact on gaming and it will not be beneficial to gamers. Imagine a gen where gamers could expect 2 game price hike. Not very good. Next gen I am willing to pay 5 more provided there is a huge difference but for this gen 60 a game
Is more than enough.

uie4rhig4973d ago

i bet activision is reading all these forums and going to try and sue everyone that says im going to pirate it.. well guess what activision, FVCK YOU WITH YOUR LAME OVERPRICING BULLSHlT! PS3 is not pirateable so i am going to either import it (very unlikely) or buy it second hand. As soon as this game comes on torrent, i will pirate both the 360 and PC version.. and no i wont be playing it on my pc simply coz i doubt my pc will be able to handle it, and i dont have a 360.. activision, you suck c0ck and you need to stop being as gay as EA used to be.. man, even EA saw their mistake.. boycott this game everyone.. let activision suffer so no other company, nor activision, does this every again!

TruthbeTold4972d ago

is an injustice anywhere.

glennc4972d ago

all you retards who say they are going to pirate it because it is too expensive STFU you were already going to pirate it, that is what you do. no one is going to mod their console just for this game and go back to paying for everythinjg else. idiots

we have to send a message to these guys... whatever. what about all the other games you pirate? messages all around i 'spose.

Pandamobile4972d ago

Holy crap, I've never seen 100 agrees on a post before. Let alone my own :O

theEnemy4972d ago

They are taking too much advantage of the success of CoD4.


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Ninji4973d ago

People don't just want to boycott it. They want to boycott it but still play it so in a way they are just boycotting the hiked price of the game and not the actual game itself (despite 50 Cent being in it as that alone is a good reason to boycott the entire game).

Kleptic4973d ago

yeah the whole 50 thing sounds dumb...but whatever...

i'm still sticking with the buying it used tactic...if I buy it at all (knowing GS even the used price will be above 'normal' retail) whatever...I have never bought a used game that is regularly available...yet this is the first game that I will not buy new at an inflated price simply out of principle...cod 4 was great, but not that 2 will be no different...

Sunny_D4973d ago

I wish I could pirate it. :( Since I don't have a 360 or a gaming pc. I cant pirate it for the ps3. Well, Sony just had to make the ps3 hack proof and pirate proof for now. It's a blessing and sometimes a curse ;). That's what happens when you have the most powerful console.

DelbertGrady4973d ago

Blu-Ray is too cumbersome to pirate because of it's size. Would take forever to download games. But whatever makes you sleep at night. If you want to believe it's cause the PS3 is powered by Peter Pan then go ahead.

Guitarded4973d ago

Is it not obvious that the droids do not think.

Anyone who "pirates" is a thief of information. You are expected to pay for the information before obtaining it. If you steal, you will be stolen from. You reap what you sow. The golden rule, live by it for a better life. Seriously, be a decent human. If you wouldn't want any person or group to do it to you, don't do it to them.
Activision is not holding a gun to your head forcing you to purchase their product. If you want to play the game so badly that you feel the need to steal it, then it is worth the asking price. Otherwise, wait for a price drop. Thieves are losers.

Baka-akaB4973d ago

No ... it doesnt stop people from downloading 8-15Go pc games , or Blu ray rips ranging from 6 to 20 gb .

And no , i'm not talking about a select few with huge connection , but many many people not caring about the hassle , since it's free .

xaviertooth4973d ago


yeah, tell that to PP.

he likes to steal psp games at the expense of thriving developers. and he openly admitted it. and he's an xbot.

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MGOelite4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

i hope the people with pcs and 360 pirate the living fuk outta this game, just to annoy activision.

ChickeyCantor4973d ago (Edited 4973d ago )

what "norm"?
I mean some games were 5 to 10 dollars more expansive than other games.
Of course we all want a lower price, but its not really a reason to pirate. If you pirate this game, then i take you have pirated other games too(and price tags were not the issue)?

Wouldn't the "norm" be that people either buy the game or not?
And not pirate it? Hypocritical.

But whatevsss. Eventually people will buy the game anyway.

kaveti66164973d ago

You're basically stealing it, dude. Yes, Activision is effed up for raising the price. The game is not worth the higher price. So your logical step is to steal it? What is this generation coming to? I'm not trying to be the self-righteous prick here, but Infinity Ward makes great games, and they don't deserve to be punished because of Kotick's d!ck moves.

SuperM4973d ago

Its not infinity ward that is getting all the money though, its Activision. And piracy is not the same as stealing. Although people who are against it claim it is. The act of stealing implies that you take something from someone, and that someone you took it from lose the item. This is not the case with piracy. Piracy is copying.

When it comes to piracy the only thing that matters to me is my own moral. I support good developers, i support developers that make great games. But the d1cks at Activision has made alot of bad moves lately, among other things their attack on Brutal Legend, their whining at Sony for cutting their prices even though their own products are overpriced. Bobby Kotick has proven himself to be a hypocrit, i dont support that sh1t, and i wont feel bad about it if i deside to pirate modern warfare2. I havent made that descision yet though.

edhe4973d ago

SuperM - taking something from someone - yep, that's the case when you play someone's game you didn't pay for.

You stole that experience, you took it without giving them their due.

Stinky little pirates don't know what's good for the world. Whilst i disagree with the price hike an en masse pirating will only give them more reason to punish the real buyers of the game with higher prices to make up for the lost revenue on units copied.

How about you just don't buy something that's overpriced, then buy it when it's not.

DaTruth4973d ago

I'm sure all the painters got a little pissed when photography, photocopying and printing were introduced... That's life and the only people who haven't figured it out, are spoiled rich people who think they are entitled to be rich.

Are there any shortages of painters? People will still sing music even if it doesn't make you rich and it will eliminate all the people who sing only to become rich and we will only have to listen to those who are passionate about their work!

I had to watch Hip-hop get destroyed by the likes of 50 cent and these losers who make music to sell and not to listen to. I had to stop listening to that crap. They sold out making good music to sell music to the largest demographic, now I listen to Reggae.

If this game is good, please buy it; But if you buy crap, like a lot of companies have been selling, we will be in a $h1t load of crap! If you can't afford it, wait for a lower price, buy it used or pirate it!

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