A Closer Look at Virtual Console

It seems that mostly all Wii Nintendo readers agree on one thing, Virtual Console games are over priced and this is probably the underlying cause for depressed sales over the last few months.

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TheDuke774189d ago

havent bought to many VC games just because I really think they are to expensive, if nintendo brought the price of these down I think they would make a hell of a lot more money on it. If they were like $2 for NES and $4 or so for SNES there would be a lot more people buying them for the sheer nostalgia.

Mushu4264189d ago

Come on people! What!? I don't understand. I've heard a guy say he's not going to even buy a Wii until a price drop because its to expensive and then turn right around and tell me he bought a PS3...WHAT....$250 coooomee on. You guys are just use to getting your free but illegal rom downloads and aren't familiar at all with the going rate for classic used Nintendo games. What's $5 for ANY NES, $8 for SNES, $6 TurboGraphix (snes), $10 for N64 and $8 for Sega. I hove almost 100 or more classic games for all those console including dreamcast and atari and let me tell you unless you go to a salvation army you can find many NES(especially the good ones we all know and love) for $5 nor SNES games. If you sit up there and paid $50 or more for any game on any console and complian about VC games from $5-$10 TOPS then you are cheap. You blow more than that are McDonalds in a DAY and you can't reeat that everytime your hungry gotta go buy another one. I think more people are waiting for them to release the games that we really want on VC. At least thats what I am waiting for. I've bought some but aside from working my Wii collection I can wait tell the get some more of those gaming greats that have. GEEZ, too expensive, at $5-$10 bucks a pop, someone needs a job. But serioulsy all jokes aside, at any game crazy, game stop, eb games, or else most of the games on VC would be more than $5 or $10 especially N64. Only the very very unpopular games in NES and SNES are less that $5 and $10. I personally paid almost $30 bucks for Super Metriod and when that comes out soon everyone in the world will be saving $22 bucause it will be $8 on VC. Hell, Mario Kart and Donkey Kong for SNES was was $20 a piece.

TheDuke774189d ago

We cant all live in your Mom's basement and save our cash to buy VC games. Once you discover girls you wont be so willing to drop that kind of cash on 20 year old games.

Mushu4264189d ago

Out of all that I said the best you can do is the old "no girl havin' livin in moms basement" crack. The simple fact that you say "We cant all live in your Mom's basement and save our cash to buy VC games. Once you discover girls you wont be so willing to drop that kind of cash on 20 year old games." re-emphazies my oringinal point which was to "GET A REAL JOB, BOY! If you can't pay $10 for a 20 year old game I seriously doubt that your "would you like fries with that" budget can take any girl(although I prefer women instead of little girls) for anything more than a pez dispenser. Who in the hell saves up for a $5 or $10 VC game! Hmmm...maybe if you were head fry cook you splurge $5 bucks here and there.

PS. I've been on my owns paying bills since my mid teens, boy.

TheDuke774189d ago

When you say "the best you can do is the old "no girl havin' livin in moms basement" crack." sounds like thats not the first time someone has said that to you. Sorry dude I'm just teasin ya. No hard feelings, I just dont like to be called cheap

Mushu4264189d ago

no one has ever said that to me. I just thought you would come back with a good debate. I honestly didn't take it that seriously and even though I pointed you out I didn't mean just you. I was sort of speaking in general. My piont was that yeah $5 or $10 for 2 decade old game sounds like a lot but to collector like myself or someone just trying to recap their childhood knows just how much these old games can really cost in video game stores. It's even worse if you have to buy them from ebay! So $5, $6, $8 or even $10 for lets say Streets of Rage 3 sounds bad until you look on ebay and see no one is selling it for less than $50 or $20 maybe $15 in the video game stores and you can't specail order it because its rarity puts it on the blacklist. If you can't tell by now, lol, I really do collect these games. Anyway, never meet any real harm it just confounds me to see some of the things people say here sometimes.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4189d ago

I can always get them for free if they want to tax me like that.

neogeo4189d ago

These games are gone. They are a thing of the past and yes everyone has like 900 backups of them on there computer. So if Nintendo wants a few extea bucks they should sell NES 0.99, Super Nes 2.99 and N64 8.99
Then they will start selling. into that days comes, We will hack, crack and pirate these old games.

PS360WII4189d ago

with #2 that is. To say the VC is expensive is rather ridiculous and this argument has been going on since VC was released and unfortunately will go on forever. Yes people have been to spoiled with the illegal roms on the PC and have no idea that they actually cost money to own. ah well what can you do. I bought a bunch of VC titles I don't think they are taxed at all. I feel PSN prices are a bit much and XBarcade is a bit weak but that we also can't change...

ITR4189d ago

VC prices.

I think it's cheap.

Prices from two local shops here.
Zelda II here sells for $16 bucks...cart alone.
Zelda II with sleeve and manual $20 bucks.
(Another shop has the game for $26 bucks.)

Baseball (crap game) $4 bucks!

Castlevania $16.

----------------------------- ----------
SNES games

Actraiser $15
F ZERO $20
Gradius 3 $13

----------------------------- ---------

Mario Kart 64 $35
Star Fox 64 $17
Super Mario 64 $17
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time $28
----------------------------- ---------

Alien Crush $14
Bravo Man $13
ShapeShifter $30
VictoryRun $11
Bonk's Revenge $28
Bonk's Adventure $24
Devil's Crush $34
Dracula X $140
----------------------------- ----------
Sega Genesis

Bonanza Bros $15
Comix Zone $15
Ecco The Dolphin $15
Sonic the Hedgehog $19
Sonic Spinball $9
Space Harrier II $15
Streets of Rage $16
Sword of Vermillion $19

VC is sales tax, no time and gas wasted.

People tend to forget that the orig. publishers get their cut out of the sale.
Not all of this money goes back to Nintendo.

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