CNET Review Xbox 360 Elite: Current Games Console Of Choice

CNET UK have reviewed the latest version of the Xbox 360 and have given it a score of 8.5 out of 10. They liked the large selection of games, large hard disk and HDMI port but weren't too impressed with the noise, the lack of a built in HD DVD drive and Wi-Fi.

Although they concluded that it was neither a must-have upgrade for existing 360 owners nor as feature-packed as the PS3, they still went on to say that the "Elite's combination of top-notch gaming and digital media features make it the current games console of choice".

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BubblesDAVERAGE4185d ago

Wasn't Cnet the same ones who deemed ps3 the winner. We should remove all this kind of material and only talk about games because this is getting Insane. ( I love my ps3 like my Xbox but who cares) I ask Everyone Not To start this crap again its getting older then the world history.

TheMART4185d ago

Don't agree. They could have chosen the PS3 then because it has some stuff like a large HDD and HDMI.

Things have changed. The 360 is now also in a flavour available with a larger HDD then the PS3 and HDMI.

Thus, their console of choice best bang for the buck is the 360 Elite.

That may be said.

The 360 is the best choice for a gamer, for sure at this point in time, having games, premium online and the best graphics and best exclusives, plus the best multiplatform games. There is NO denying about that possible

techie4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

ok ok...but but but but cnet also give the ps3 a 8.8 *lame*

weekapaugh4185d ago

"We should remove all this kind of material and only talk about games because this is getting Insane."

[stands up and claps] we should be able to ban people who are constantly posting this fan boy shat. pick the console you like and STFU. All news going forward can only relate to games!

BrotherSic4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

For once the mart is right! (never thought i would say that)

this is a news aggregator site. That means users search the internet and post anything that is relevant to the games industry. This article may cause arguments but who cares? you don't have to read the comments and you can block any users that you don't agree with or dislike.

If you want censored news then just visit 1UP, IGN, Gamestop etc but if you want a wider selection of news, opinions and views then stay here. See past the fanatics and you will see that there are many intelligent users on this site.

On topic - how can CNET UK review a product which UK consumers may never get hold off in its current form? We dont even have a release date.

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BIadestarX4185d ago

It may sound as if Cnet is changing their opion about the consoles.. but I think this artcile is talking about "Current Games Console Of Choice". If one removes the fanboy hat for a few minutes... the bottom line is that the xbox 360 has more/better next gen games than any other console.. as of today.

gta_cb4185d ago

yeh i agree, and i cant wait to get my hands on games like Forza 2, C&C3, GTA, Halo3, and the thing is there are still good games ALREADY listed this year and next that i havnt listed, this being said, i havnt actually read whats comming out on the PS3 BUT i know there isnt much as it was only released not so long ago, especially in Europe :( ... but in time they will do :P

Satanas4185d ago

Well I agree, but you have to realize that is not very surprising. The other 2 consoles will get there games in time, within their first year.

BIadestarX4185d ago

@Satanas, it's possible. The PS3 may pickup and have better or more games than the xbox 360. Nothing is impossible. But then this article is talking about today. In the future I am sure they will probably come up with another review if that's would to happen.

xfrgtr4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )
Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB) review:8.8 ,BANG!!!!!!BETTER THAN THE XBOX 360 ELITE
"Whereas the previous Xbox 360 could output high-definition video up to 1080p resolution via VGA, far more TVs actually accept that highest quality picture via the HDMI input -- if they can show it at all. Most HD Ready TVs will only show 1080i or 720p, but you can select those as output options on the 360, or your TV will downscale 1080p to fit. The downside is Microsoft seems to have opted for something less than the HDMI version 1.3 found on the PlayStation 3. That means that any movies played on the optional HD DVD add-on will be limited to standard Dolby Digital soundtracks, not the higher-resolution Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, or DTS-HD Master Audio.
Whereas the Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 game consoles have built-in Wi-Fi support, the older Xbox 360 was limited to a wired network connection. Sadly, that hasn't changed on the Xbox 360 Elite -- Ethernet remains the only built-in option. Yes, you can get the optional wireless networking adaptor, which conveniently clips on to the back of the 360 -- but it monopolises the solitary USB port on the console's back and costs an extra £60.
Two other less-than-brilliant aspects of the Xbox 360 that have been carried over to the Elite are the absolutely massive external power supply (top left in the pic above) and the console's noise. While the giant power brick can be hidden away behind your TV cabinet, the exhaust fan and especially the DVD drive remain noisy to the point of distraction.Unfortunately, there's no built-in HD DVD drive to rival the Blu-ray player in the PS3. Instead, you need to buy an add on. The DVD player is fine for casual viewing, but the HDMI connector seemed to offer no discernible improvement, although a forthcoming Dashboard update might offer some software upscaling improvements.Moreover, there's certainly a tinge of disappointment that the Elite's higher price tag doesn't deliver a few more bundled features in the box -- the Wi-Fi adaptor and the HD DVD drive still need to be purchased separately, for instance. In other words, the Xbox 360 Elite is just a warmed-over version of the previous model that doesn't deliver any groundbreaking, PS3-killing features."

naturalgamer4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

that's your opinion - but not mine. so who cares. i own both systems and for me the ps3 is way more fun to play. do you really think i change my mind because of you? not really.

for me it's like that: the 360 is better for fps's and some sportsgames. the ps3 offers me that plus some very amazing action titles like heavenly sword, lair and warhawk. using the xmb is way more innovative than using the xbox tab-thingy - it looks childish, too. using the internet is and 2. you can browse the internet and watch youtube videos or stuff like that. with the upcoming ps home - it's gonna be amazing.

atomheart4185d ago

heavenly sword, lair and warhawk?

kewlkat0074185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

does he live in? Can I move there? I thought those games were not out yet, unless he was talking about potential, and not the current hype, videos, scans and pretty pictures.

Right now, Xbox360 gamers can talk about their favorite games(more selection), while sony fans talk about the ps3 games coming out, which have potential. I don't say anything is great until I have played and beat the damn thing, for whichever console.

Now when I seen this commercial a while back, I thought this game was stupid, then 99+ hours later I was singing a different tune...

I know we all drool over videos, pictures and scans, but Gameplay is still out of your reach(especially in Europe). Right now if I was a movie fanatic I would of owned a cheap Blue-ray player, since I wanna play games, and only games, I rather have a 360 for now. Thats why it is more BANG for your hard-earned BUCK as of right now.

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