Zone of the Enders 2 – Kojima's Hidden Gem

Jonathan Cullen, GOONL!NE Managing Editor: "If you know any gamer who doesn't know the name, Hideo Kojina, chances are he/she needs to be put away in an asylum.

Chances also are that he/she hasn't played the Metal Gear Solid series. What you need to do, if he hasn't, is give him a PlayStation 1, 2 or 3 (then again, if he only wants to play it on the Xbox, buy him Substance for the Xbox to play MGS2) and give him/her MGS1, Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots to play with.

But even then, Kojima has done more then just the MGS series, that much is a given. There was Boktai for the Game Boy Advance as well as Snatcher and Policenauts, the latter of which only getting a Japanese release only. And more recently, Kojima is overseeing the re-birth of the Castlevania series, Lords of Shadow, coming from Spanish developer, MercuryStream.

But there is one more series that Kojima is known for: Zone of the Enders.

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xztence5464d ago

Damn right, Zoe is godly.

Kojima, Zoe 3 WHEN?!
I hope he starts working on it after he finishes MGS psp.

Trey4Lyfe5464d ago

"If you know any gamer who doesn't know the name, Hideo Kojima, chances are he/she needs to be put away in an asylum."

The Bots :)

Once they find out rising isn't an FPS and doesnt have someone screaming MARIAAAAAAAA they'll trade it in

GameGambits5464d ago

No one noticed that he spelled Hideo Kojima with Hideo KojiNa...with a N.

So to answer the articles question, then ya I don't know Hideo Kojina. Spell check more.

PixlSheX5464d ago

I would really like a sequel. Please Kojima-san! Give us ZOE3 and we will support you with ours 60$ :D


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Retroman183d ago

Still play Ratchet and Clank ps2 :Up your Arsenal


Konami Files Zone Of The Enders Trademarks

New trademark filings have been registered in Europe and Japan. Will Konami make a series announcement at Tokyo Game Show 2020?

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1Victor1415d ago


1415d ago
Kaedro1415d ago

Probably a pachinko machine or mobile game.

Double_O_Revan1415d ago

What if it's a mobile Pachinko machine? O.o

Kaedro1415d ago

Dammit Agent_00_Revan!! Don't give them ideas you madman!! XD

CDbiggen1415d ago

Can someone just tell me this means nothing and that companies do this all time so that I can not have any hope. Thank you.

SamPao1415d ago

They do this all the time, it means nothing.

They have to take that step. What are they waiting for? It's now or never.

Juancho511415d ago

Man I really feel you on this. I think he should've made ZoE 3 a long time ago. The games were so GOOD!

Chocoburger1415d ago

They're likely just retaining the trademarks so no one can take it from them. Happens all the time.
Would be nice if we actually got a new game though, but that's wishful thinking expecting anything decent from KONAMI at this point.

JayRyu1415d ago

Please bring a new game to this series. I loved Second Runner!

TeamIcoFan1415d ago

No new game for you.
Only pachinko machines.

Juancho511415d ago

it was amazing. last runner, third runner, prequel, I dont care. give it to me.

Orpheo1415d ago

Maybe we'll get, "Zone of the Enders: Survive..."

rainslacker1415d ago

To be released on mobile!!!!

One can dream.