First Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360 Shots

Sega has released the first few screenshots for the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5.

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ErcsYou4283d ago

some corrections before you read the following comments.
@elliot the ps3 version only plays at 720p
@unixphreak1911 the arcade version runs on segas lindinburge
and everyone else, this game is not in devlepment, the game has already been published for the arcades. this game is being ported so their should be NO beta phase.for the record, these screen shots look very blurry. their has been nothing but rumors about online so cross your fingers. the ps3 version downloaded 2.5 gb to the ps3 HD, will the 360 version do that? last but no least, this game is played out, ill be playing tekken 6 by the time this comes out.

NextGen24Gamer4283d ago

"The first glimpses we've had of the 360 version, thanks to a trip to developer AM2's headquarters in Tokyo, suggest that the game is going to be just as good - if not better - on the Xbox 360."

That is a straight quote from Gamedaily's preview of VF5 for the 360. And this is with months to go before release. WOW.

achira4283d ago

ps3 version looks far better.

OminaeYu4283d ago

This game will change ALOT!!! in the final stages. in early stages of development everything you'll get to see is running in lower quality its easier to work that way. the game already has better AA than the ps3 version. i've seen this happen so many times as a game tester. final code can look almost 50% better than the beta code of a couple of week before release. So wait till the games out, Then judge....

elliot_4283d ago

ps3 version looks far better...this game was made for ps3...and it will probably looks better on it...
like the other games that came out for ps3...and looked better on x360 and the way ps3 run it on 1080p...

hfaze4283d ago

Both Sega and Namco are using PS3 based hardware for their new arcade games.

Don't get me wrong, the 360 version of this game will probably be just as good as the PS3 version, perhaps with some enhanced modes, but I wouldn't expect it to look or play any better (the PS3 version plays PERFECTLY)

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The story is too old to be commented.