Sony and Nintendo dominate Australian Charts, Microsoft nowhere to be seen

In the All Format chart TMNT on the PS2 takes the top spot from last week's Diddy Kong Racing on the DS. The PS3 does well with Oblivion making a new entry at No. 4 while Resistance and Motorstorm remain in the top 10.

Nintendo is just as strong with the remaining places taken up by games for the Wii and DS and one game for the PC.

1. TMNT - PS2
2. Diddy Kong Racing - DS
3. Sonic and the Secret Rings - Wii
4. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - PS3
5. Bratz Forever Diamonds - DS
6. Command & Conquer 3 - PC
7. Resitance: Fall of Man - PS3
8. Animal Crossing Wild World - DS
9. Motorstorm - PS3
10. Zelda Twilight Princess - Wii

The article also includes individual charts for the Wii, DS and GBA.

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masterg4191d ago

Looks like the Australians are as smart and predicting as us Europeans.

uxo224191d ago

If you look hard enough, you can pretty much find a chart to say whatever you want. Here's one: http://www.hollywoodreporte...

solidt124191d ago

That's a first(microsoft nowwhere to be seen.)

TheMART4191d ago

It isn't that strange that there are not so much 360 titles in there at this point in time.

Hardware sold:

360 - 160.000
Wii - 80.000
PS3 - 36.000

PS3 just launched, has Oblivion (great game, already out for more then a year on the 360) and Resistance (one of the few games that are worth buying right now on the PS3) that ofcourse will be sold by the new PS3 owners.

On the 360, GRAW 2 was a biggy but already about 2 months ago released. Forza 2 will be the next hit at the end of may. C&C3 at the beginning of May can also be a potential hit.

This point in time is an obvious one for this result on software sales....

super bill4191d ago

who care,s.ive got a ps3 and 360,and i still favour the 360 ps3 is gathering dust at the moment with no games to play.

level 3604191d ago

Everyone knows from the forums to the chatrooms of gaming that at this very moment, there are no new game releases for the XBox 360 only news that they'ved just come-out with the new Black Elite console in another part of the continent... And besides, usually before Australia ever gets a copy of these new titles - countries which have mostly NTSC formats gets theirs' first before we do here which is in PAL format and/or also depends on the countries which ( region coded ) gets more priority. Next time check the actual/rumored date releases of these new games before coming-out with such lame and ill-informed statistical excuses 'mate.... Most of the games that were probably released way back before have already been bought/finished being played.

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The story is too old to be commented.