If you upgrade into an Elite, your Arcade games have a surprise for you

From Ars Technica:
"It's always fun when you get to test out new hardware: trying to see what works and what doesn't, looking for differences-the whole thing can be exhausting once you get into the details. I moved my Live account from my old system to the Elite easily enough, and then I started to redownload all my Arcade games. This is kind of a process since I have over 20 games and the system only lets you queue up to six downloads at a time. I sat down and played some Geometry Wars, and then I remembered hearing about the problems people had with migrating their games. I rarely have my system away from my home network, so I reached back and unplugged the cable to see if I could play the games without the online authentication.

All the games, all of them, turned into demos that asked me to download the full version. This is unhappiness in the making. I plug my cable back in and get on the phone...

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BIadestarX4186d ago

wow... so sad... ZZzzz... Sorry I almost fall from my chair....

PS3 Owns All4185d ago

It looks real MEAN but the games are no GOOD, who u gonna call? Ghost Buster! (refers to the picture of the X Box 360 Elite)

Firewire4185d ago

Can MS do anything right? I guess not! And why the hell don't they
give you the damn cable you need? But you xbots cry about Sony not
giving us HDMI cables.
MS is screwed up, and xbots are just screwed!

Shake4185d ago

...../´¯/..../´ ;¯\

uxo224185d ago

Okay, we know the games are tied to the console. Why do you think that after buying a totally new console (everything different) that you would be able to play games that you downloaded to the new console. How is XBOXLIVE suppose to know that you didn't hook up your friends console, transfer your live account and download the games. Disconnect it move your account back to your original console and now he has 20 games that he didn't pay for.

The servers at Xboxlive have no idea what kind of sneaky sh!t you could be up. So from a business standpoint I would have to agree with Microsoft on this one. They are doing what they can to help you, they are giving you a free migration kit, yet you go online like a spoiled baby and whines to the world. Here's a question, did posting this fix your xbox, did it fix the problem for the rest of the world? I think not.

This type of technology is in all kinds of things. Some car stereos are coded to the car, you put it in your other car, it doesn't work.....LET CLOSE DOWN GMC! Common, this system worked the way it was designed to work. If they made it to where you could download it again, on a different system you'd be able to do the same thing for your buddies.

I'm not trying to be mean, I understand your disappointment. But I also understand microsoft's point and how piracy can ruin things for everybody. I'm sure the PS3 has a similar system in place also.

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gta_cb4185d ago

doesnt matter to me as i dont normally play xboxLIVE arcade games

The BS Police4186d ago

However, if you jsut upgrade your HDD instead of getting the Elite, you won't have this problem becuase your download is tied to the console.

benny o klaatt4185d ago

i mentioned this almost three months ago comment 40.1

XxZxX4186d ago

a picture worth a thousand words.

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